Psalmody | A Sacred Harp Psalter

The best collection of psalm tunes ever published, from the most eminent composers, both ancient and modern.

Book 1, Psalms 1-41

Book 2, Psalms 42-72

Book 3, Psalms 73-89

Book 4, Psalms 90-106

Book 5, Psalms 107-150

Possible titles: Complete Psalmody, Improved Psalmody, Revived Psalmody, The Art of Psalmody.

Since The Columbian Repository there have been very few tunebooks in four parts with complete settings of all the verses of all 150 psalms. (meaning all the verses are printed.) Edward Miller, Dr. Watts’s Psalms and Hymns, set to music, 1805. Edward Miller also published a tunebook set to Tate and Brady. The exception depending on how you define it would be the 1650 Scottish Psalter reprints and revisions by Presbyterian denominations which are in piano format. Thus, a psalter with tunes in the style of the Sacred Harp is needed.

Early tunebooks referred to the music we now call “Sacred Harp” music as “Psalmody.”

Borrow from the S.H. or find other tunes? More unique tunes makes the book have more value potentially as a work. It may interest S.H. singers more to have a book of fresh tunes. Try to incorporate Core Repertory or Early American Psalmody and some of the best S.H. Psalm tunes, then fill the rest with other tunes. There is a wealth of tunes in the style of the Sacred Harp which are unpublished today. Fortunately, the Hymn Tune Index makes finding these tunes very easily. Including Core Repertory ensures that singers new to S.H. will find some tunes familiar. Also, there should be an easily singable set of tunes for each Psalm.

A tune should not have more than four verses. Any more than four verses introduces tedium. A plain tune fits on half a page. Thus, eight verses can fit on one page. A Fuging tune can only be typeset with three verses and two verses is optimal.

There are 2,461 verses in the book of Psalms in the KJV. Using the approximation of one Bible verse to one C.M. verse and using only eight verses per page, a complete setting of the 1650 Scottish Psalter which is in C.M. would take 308 pages. The maximum number of pages in a tune book is approximately 650. Thus, each Psalm can be set approximately twice.

If a lighter weight paper is used to allow more pages, more settings of Psalms could be used.

For rudiments, would the Columbian Repository be the most appropriate?

Currently the selection favors minor tunes. This is probably due to many of the tunes being by New England composers who often favor minor tunes. Choose plain tunes that are major to balance the ratio?

Sacred Harp tunes are often in ionian (major), dorian(minor with raised 6th), and aeolian (natural minor).

Avoid tunes with a repeat of the first line and or a D.C. al fine (AABA) since they cause tedium if sung a few times.


Thomas Tallis. Matthew Parker Psalter, Tallis Canon.


William Croft (1678-1727)


Jeremiah Clark

Late 1700's

Justin Morgan

Jacob French

Supply Belcher

William Billings

Daniel Reed

Ezra Goff

Lewis Edson


Aaron Williams

William Tans'ur


Elisha West

Psalmodia Evangelica, 1789


Reunion Monday

Patterson's church music 1835

Villulia 56b what mode?

Mid 1800's

William Walker

B. F. White

E. J. King

J. P. Reese

Edmund Dumas

L.P. Breedlove

William S. Turner


A. M. Cagle

Sources of texts

1546, 1635, and 1650 Scottish Psalter

1880 revision of Scottish Psalter PCI.

Sing Psalms 2003 revision of Scottish Psalter

Dalman Hapstone

Abraham Coles. List of Psalters pg. 42 (xxiv)

Lyra Regis

Trinity Psalter Hymnal

Book of Psalms for Worship/Singing

Seedbed Psalter

Psalms for all seasons

Book of Praise 2013 and other Geneva settings

ARP Psalter late 1800's

Bay Psalm Book

Other literal psalters


RPCNA 1890

The Psalms of David, translated into heroic verse (10's)

Ferrar Fenton to check for paragraph divisions and other notes.

Joel Barlow: Also has common tunes.


1912 Psalter

Isaac Watts

Tate and Brady


Acrostic Psalms: 9; 10; 25; 34; 37; 111; 112; 119; 145

Match tunes to texts

1880 Psalter

Sing Psalms 2003

Comprehensive Psalter

Columbian Repository

American Psalmody

William Tans’ur

Index of Tunes to Psalms: Also, “A table of Psalms suited to the Feasts and Fast of the Church of England; and other Varieties of Life. Very useful for Parish-Clerks.”

Music theory, chords and dischords allowed and not allowed

Create list of first lines from Watts and search the HTI index.

West Gallery Psalms.

New Hope L.M.D 517 in 1911 Sacred Harp. 316 in 1991 SH.

Cross of Christ C.M.D. 35 in Southern Harmony. Has a repeat of the first line and a D.C. al fine, so it may be tedious.

Greensleeves. C.M.D.

Belmont. C.M.

Wareh. 7.6. Ezra Lloyd. (2019 Composium)

Tribulation. C.M. Chapin.

Walk with God. C.M. William Walker

Milledgeville. C.M. Andrew Grambling

Bangor. C.M. Ravenscroft.

Child of Grace. C.M.D. E.J. King.

Denson songs which are unpublished or removed from later editions of the S.H. Some are C.M.D. 1911 edition is public domain. Also the White book.

McClendon. C.M.D. Paine Denson. (unpublished)

Awake My Soul. C.M.D. Paine Denson. (unpublished)

Paine Denson songs. Several C.M.D. and S.M.D. Also a good C.M. song in 3/4 in minor mode (untitled, "Dedicated to my father, T.J. Denson"). Copyrighted. Can't use.

See anthems by John Barrow in The Psalm-Singer's Choice Companion.

Fillmore/Tranquility by Jeremiah Ingalls is origin of Parting Hand arr. by William Walker. L.M.

Putney. L.M. Aaron Williams?

Bangor. C.M. Psalms 11, 3, and 12.

French Broad. L.M. CH 208b

Kedron. L.M. CH 493 and SH

Ballerma. C.M. Southern Harmony 267t.

Vernon. L.M. 6 lines. Southern Harmony 34t. Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony 77.

The Converted Thief. C.M.D. Southern Harmony 9.

Derrick. C.M.D. Southern Harmony 199.

New Sheffield (Yorkshire). 10's 6 lines. Deptford. 10's 6 lines.

Albany. C.M. William Billings.

Arlington. C.M. See small variation in melody in last phrase in's_and_New_Select_Hymns_(Various) 18.

Auburn. C.M. Rev. J. Lawson.,_John) 126.


St. Bride’s. S.M. C.M. in Scottish Psalter?,_John) 144t.

Cana. C.M. Columbian Repository no. 579, 365. Major.

Charlestown. BoPfW. U.S. Sacred Harmony. ( Need to go through this book.)

Christ-church tune. C.M.D. American Harmony or Royal Melody Compleat 26. Major.

Concord. C.M. William Billings.

Coronation. C.M. 6 lines. BoPfW. SH 63.

Dudley. L.M. William Billings.

Dunlap's Creek. C.M. BoPfW.

Florida. S.M. Raised Sol (7th) in minor key to form a major V chord.'s_and_New_Select_Hymns_(Various) 9. Also in Evening Shade, America and a few others.

Gainsborough. C.M.,_John) 25b.

Golden Hill = Abbeville, E. J. King?

Greenwich.C.M. Anthem. Martin Madan. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 56.

Geneva (John Cole) C.M.

Isle of Wight. C.M.

Leedham. S.M.D. British Psalmody 11.

Loughton. C.M.D.

Low Dutch or Canterbury. C.M. British Psalmody 14b. Minor.

Martyrs. C.M. Scottish psalter tune.,_John) 53t.

New Buxton. S.M. Martin Madan. British Psalmody 8.

New Thought. C.M.D. Christian Lyre, vol. II. Remove IV chords. Major.

Norwich. C.M.,_John) 41. On Stephen Eager CD.

Pelham, Fulham, or Tetsworth. S.M.D. F. Giardini. British Psalmody 12. Major.

Plympton. C.M. Interesting tune and harmonies.

Reading. C.M.D. John Wainwright.,_John) 134.

Roxbury. L.M. William Billings.

Salem. C.M.,_William_B.) 121.

Scotland. L.M.D. Nehemiah Shumway.

Seabank. C.M. John Turnbull.,_John) 104.

Skipton. C.M.D. British Psalmody 18. Major.

Sherburne. C.M.,_William_B.)

Summer. 11's. M.L. Swan. CH 354. Another tune with an unusual modality like Thorny Desert. One more tune by M.L. Swan in CH 425t.

Tennessee. C.M.D.

The Sufferings of Christ. L.M. William Walker.

Uxbridge. L.M. Different from Uxbridge (Eternal Spirit) by Lowell Mason in Cooper book. “Away with our sorrows and care” on Maddy Prior CD.

Dawning Light. 10's. (Listed in David Jensen index) New-Brunswick (1818) 50.

Savannah. 10's. Ignace Pleyel. American Psalmody. Methodist Harmonist. Christian Minstrel.

Chesterfield. 10's. Methodist Harmonist 196.

Whitby. 10's. Lowell Mason. Methodist Harmonist. Christian Minstrel.

The Lily. 10's. Supply Belcher. Delaware Harmony. Northern Harmony.

Lentwood. 10's. The Christian Minstrel 277.

Melton. 10's. The Christian Minstrel 274b.

Holy Rest. 10’s. Harmonia Sacra.

Triumph. 10's. Stephen Jenks. The Delights of Harmony or Norfolk Compiler 77.

Despondence. 10's. Psalm 137. New Brunswick 74.

Dirge. 10's. New Brunswick 128.

Sweet Harmony. 10’s.

Chesterfield. 10’s.


Hanover. 10’s 11’s. (“O Worship the King” on Maddy Prior CD) Harmonia Sacra (Funk) 193b.

Davis. CH 338b. BoPfW. Wyeth's Repository part second.

Burlington. 12’s, 11’s, & 8’s.

Olive Leaf by William Hauser. Tunebook after Hesperian Harp.

Songs of Zion. (Hymnary)

Ideally, 2/3 of the tunes should be major and 1/3 minor. Avoid mixing modes when using multiple tunes for one setting of a psalm.

Needed books:

Addington, Rev. Stephen, of Market Harborough [Leics.]. A Collection of Psalm Tunes for Publick Worship, adapted to Dr Watts’s Psalms and Hymns.

Maxim, Abraham, and Japheth_C. Washburn. The Northern Harmony

Rippon, [Rev.] Dr. John [and Thomas Walker]. A Selection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes.

Clifton, Arthur. An Original Collection of Psalm Tunes . . . adapted to the metres of Dr. Watt’s Psalms and Hymns.


Leslie, Benjamin, of Bradford [Massachusetts]. The Concert Harmony; or, Youth’s Assistant to Sacred Music

Province Harmony

Eliakim Doolittle, The Psalm Singer’s Companion

Washburn, Japheth Coombs, of China, Maine. The Temple Harmony

Psalmodia Evangelica

Holt, Benjamin, jun., of Boston. The New-England Sacred Harmony

HTI 9499

Edson, Lewis, jun.. The Social Harmonist.

Sources to index:

The Book of Psalms

Book 1, Psalms 1-41

Psalm 1

6 verses.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 6 stanzas.

Dalman Hapstone: C.M. 6 stanzas (3 as C.M.D.).

Lyra Regis: L.M. 6 lines, 3 stanzas.

Need to lookup Aaron Williams, William Tans'ur, and William Billings.

Check HTI for most common tunes.

No Fuging tunes found yet in HTI except West Gallery tunes. Should another Fuging tune which is not set to a Psalm tune be found? Kimball or French?

Psalm 1. 1546 Scottish Psalter, tune and text. C.M.D. 3 1/2 stanzas.

Minister's Farewell. C.M.D. SH 69t. CH 11. Southern Harmony 14. 3 stanzas in Dalman Hapstone. Wyeth's Repository part second. Find an alternative?

Psalm 1. Olean. L.M. 6 lines. Text Lyra Regis.

✓Psalm 1. Graham. L.M.D. Columbian Repository 2 no. 3. HTI 9629. Major.

Psalm 1. Rochester. C.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 20. Fuging. Minor.

Psalm 1. Ps. 1. C.M. Israel Holdroyd. Minor. Another tune by Holdroyd to Psalm 1 is Major.

Psalm 1. C.M. John Bellamy. Minor.

Psalm 1. C.M. Joseph Stephenson. Major.

Psalm 1. Happy Day. C.M. R.F.M. Mann. Cooper book 292. Or Psalm 128, or other “Blessed Man” psalms.

Psalm 1. Crowley. C.M. HTI 1084. Minor.

Psalm 1. Irish. C.M. HTI 1936a. Major.

Psalm 1. Namure. C.M. HTI 750c. Major.

Psalm 1. Stroudwater. C.M. HTI 1062. Major.

Psalm 1. St. Hilary's. C.M. HTI 3039. Major.

Psalm 1. Omer. C.M. Major.

Psalm 1. Alden. C.M. Major.

Psalm 1. Lemnos. C.M. Major.

Psalm 1. Wickliffe. C.M. Edward Miller. HTI 8270.

Psalm 1. Stafford New, Stortford. S.M. HTI 2383. Or Psam 39. Major.

Psalm 1. New Eagle Street. S.M. HTI 2381. Major.

Psalm 1. Cambridge. S.M. HTI 4450. Major.

Psalm 1. Upminster. S.M.D. Columbian Repository. HTI 9811.

+Psalm 1. Prescot, St. Andrew’s. C.M. HTI 837. Major.

Psalm 1. Psalm 1. C.M.D. William Gifford. Major.

Psalm 1. Portland, Cookston. L.M. Benjamin Cuzens. HTI 5301. Columbian Repository, 393. Originally Psalm 93. Major.

Psalm 1. Hymn 12, Uffculm, Bridgewater. L.M. Triple. Benjamin Milgrove. Rippon's Selection (Thomas Walker), 93. HTI 3222. Minor.

Psalm 1. Wanford. HTI 720. Major.

+Psalm 1. Chatham. C.M. HTI 4359. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 1. Axminster. C.M. William Tans'ur. HTI 1454. Or Psalm 135. Major.

Psalm 1. Dunchurch. C.M. William Tans'ur. HTI 1399. Major.

+Psalm 1. Woodthorpe. C.M. HTI 2562. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 1. HTI 2272. One more tune.

+Psalm 1. Parkston. C.M. William Knapp. HTI 2098 Major. Fuging.

Psalm 1. C.M. James Newton. HTI 3775. Major.

Psalm 1. Canterbury, Low Dutch. C.M. Village Harmony, 210b. HTI 250h. Or many other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 1. Psalm 1. C.M. John Valentine.,_Op.7_(Valentine,_John) Major.

Psalm 1. Psalm 1. C.M. Uriah Davenport. Minor.

Psalm 2

12 verses.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 9 stanzas

Dalman Hapstone: L.M. 8 stanzas or 4 L.M.D.

Lyra Regis: 10's 6 lines, 4 stanzas.

Abraham Coles: S.M. 8 stanzas.

Psalm 2. Montevallo C.M.D. Jameson Overton. (unpublished, by a Sacred Harp singer, but not found in the minutes). Four stanzas, complete Psalm. Complicated.

Psalm 2. Summer. 10's 6 lines. Daniel Belknap. Text from Lyra Regis. Not originally set to a Psalm. Minor.

Psalm 2. C.M.D. 1650 Scottish Psalter, 4.5 stanzas.

✓Psalm 2. Brunswick. C.M. William Billings. Minor.

Psalm 2. Cumberland. L.M.D. CH 203. Not originally set to a Psalm.

✓Psalm 2. Adams. C.M.D. Daniel Read. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 2. Armly (Armley in Columbian Repository). L.M. HTI 920c. Aaron Williams' Collection. Columbian Repository. Originally a Dutch tune. Used several times for Psalm 2. Minor. Plain tune.

Psalm 2. Westchester. S.M.D. Columbian Repository. Minor.

Psalm 2. Harwell. C.M. Columbian Repository. HTI 9648. Minor.

Psalm 2. Uffingham. L.M. HTI 598a. Minor.

Psalm 2. Winchester. L.M. or L.M. 6 lines. HTI 1664. A L.M. version of "whate'er my God ordains is right." 177+ citations. Used several times for Psalm 2. Major.

Psalm 2. Cambridge. C.M. HTI 249a. Used many times for Psalm 2. Minor. Plain tune.

Psalm 2. Durham. C.M. Ravenscroft. HTI 365a. Originally Psalm 28. Major.

Psalm 2. Cambridge New. C.M. John Sreeve. HTI 1564. Different from other tunes called Cambridge New. Only one citation.'s%20Guide.&pg=PA2#v=onepage&q=Sreeve,%20John.%20The%20Divine%20Musick%20Scholar's%20Guide.&f=false Major. Plain tune.

Psalm 2. Psalm 2. C.M. Uriah Davenport. HTI 2340.,_Uriah) 6. Minor.

Psalm 2. C.M. HTI 3648. Minor.

Psalm 2. Psalm 2. C.M. John Valentine. HTI 4472.,_Op.7_(Valentine,_John) Major.

Psalm 2. Crowley. C.M. HTI 1084. Minor.

Psalm 2. Arlington, Artaxerxes. C.M. HTI 4443. Major.

Psalm 2. Boston. C.M. HTI 10616. Different from other tunes called Boston.,_James) Major.

Psalm 2. Psalm 2. C.M. Joseph Stephenson. HTI 2609.,_O_Earth,_whilst_I_declare_(Joseph_Stephenson) Major.

Psalm 2. Christmas Day, Troas. C.M. HTI 4503. Major.

Psalm 2. Bedford. C.M. William Wheal. HTI 930a. Edward Miller, 128. Major.


Psalm 3

8 verses.

Dalmon Hapstone: L.M. 5 stanzas.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 5 stanzas.

Lyra Regis: 10's. 4 stanzas.

CRC Psalter Hymnal: S.M. 4 stanzas. Missing verses.

UPCNA: S.M. 5 stanzas.

Psalm 3. Lenwick L.M.D. Columbian Repository. No. 8 pg. 5. Ode on Science? L.M. quadruple. One stanza with repeating last line. Or Psalm 68 or Psalm 88.

Psalm 3. Lyra Regis. 10's. 4 stanzas.

Crown of Light. CH 390

Begone Unbelief. HH 303. (Fits the sentiment better)

Psalm 3. Psalm Third. C.M. Joseph Stephenson. Warren's Minstrel. Lincoln in Psalmodia Christiana 2, 22. Or Psalm 80. HTI 2534a. Minor. Fuging. Massachusetts Harmony. Or Psalm 89 in Columbian Repository and Massachusetts Harmony.

Psalm 3. C.M. Joseph Stephenson.,_Lord,_of_late_are_grown_(Joseph_Stephenson) Major.

Psalm 4

1650 Scottish: C.M. 7 stanzas.

Lyra Regis: 7 stanzas.

Dalman Hapstone: C.M. 7 stanzas.

Abraham Cole: 5 stanzas.

UPCNA 1887: L.M. 7 stanzas.

Seedbed: L.M. 6 stanzas.

Psalm 4. Oxford Tune. C.M. Text Eliot and Boone.

Psalm 4. Brackley. C.M. quadruple. Entire Psalm by repeating each of the first three lines. Columbian Repository no. 10 pg. 6. Major.

Psalm 4. Thorny Desert. Lyra Regis. 3.5 stanzas. Original text better matches Psalm 106:24-26 and Psalm 95:7-11. Another tune set to the text or Psalm 62.

Psalm 4. Evening Psalm. C.M.

Psalm 4. Complaint. L.M. Minor.

Psalm 4. Wiltshire. L.M. Minor.

Psalm 4. Leicester. L.M. Minor.

Psalm 5

1650 Scottish: C.M. 10 stanzas.

Dalman Hapstone: C.M. 11 stanzas.

Lyra Regis: 7 stanzas.

Psalm 5. Walsal. C.M. The Chorister's Companion 5b. ("Lord in the morning thou shalt hear." On Maddy Prior CD) or Psalm 22

Psalm 5. Eastera. C.M.D. Columbian Repository no. 11 pg. 8.

Psalm 5. Phoebus. C.M.D. William Billings. SH 173. American Harmony (Cowling) 13. Minor.

Psalm 5. Danville. C.M. American Harmony (Shumway) 163b.

Psalm 5. Exhortation. C.M. SH.

Psalm 5. Brunswick. C.M. 4 or 6 lines. "Sin not, O king." by Handel. Set to several other Psalms also. Or Psalm 86 or Psalm 49. HTI 1994. Probably not Sacred Harp.

Psalm 5:1-3. Anthem, Ponder My Words.

Psalm 5. C.M. Thomas Clark.,_hear_the_voice_of_my_complaint_(Thomas_Clark) Minor.

Psalm 5. C.M. Thomas Clark.,_in_the_morning_thou_shalt_hear_(Thomas_Clark) Major.

Psalm 5. C.M. Joseph Stephenson.,_hear_the_voice_of_my_complaint_(Joseph_Stephenson) Minor.

Psalm 5. Fluvanna. C.M. Abraham Maxim. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 5. Howard. C.M. CH 412t. Several more tunes.

Psalm 6

1650 Scottish: C.M. 6 stanzas.

Dalman Hapstone: 6's. 10 stanzas.

Lyra Regis: L.M. 5 stanzas.

Psalm 6. Castleton. C.M.D. Columbian Repository no. 12 pg. 8-9.

Psalm 6. Dummerston. L.M.D. Columbian Repository no.13 pg. 9

Psalm 6. Exeter. C.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 37.

Psalm 6. Weeping Nature. L.M. Not originally set to a Psalm. Minor.

Psalm 6. North River. C.M. Not originally set to any particular Psalm. Minor

Psalm 6. C.M.,_in_thy_wrath,_reprove_me_not_(John_Alcock_Jr.) Minor.

Psalm 6. C.M.,_in_thy_wrath,_reprove_me_not_(Thomas_Clark) Major.

Psalm 6. Poland or Lexington. L.M. Samuel Stanley. HTI 8239. Andrew Law, Select Harmony 25. Minor.

Common tunes: Coleshill HTI 271, Northampton HTI 712, Windsor HTI 271, Manchester HTI 374.


Psalm 6. Wellingborough. C.M. William Tans'ur. HTI 1480.

Psalm 6. Bethpage. C.M. William Dixon. Psalmodia Christiana 37, no. 62. Minor.

Psalm 6. Bonnie Doon, Ye Banks and Braes (Candler). L.M.D. Scottish folk tune. (AABA) Or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 6. C.M.

Psalm 7

1560 Scottish: C.M. 16 stanzas.

Lyra Regis. 10’s. 42 lines.

Dalman Hapstone. C.M. 16 stanzas.

Psalm 7. Walbridge. C.M.D. Columbian Repository no 14 pg. 10.

Psalm 7. St. Nicholas. C.M. Israel Holdroyd. Spiritual Man’s Companion 1753. Project Psalms.
None on CPDL.

Psalm 7. Collingham. C.M. Thomas Jackson. HTI 4198 Also set to other Psalms. Minor.

Tate and Brady: OLMGSI1. C.M. tunes.

Psalm 7. Boston. C.M. Lewis Edson. Different from Billings. New York Collection of Sacred Harmony 27. Wyeth's Part 2. Originally Psalm 116:13 by Charles Wesley. HTI 6990 Major. Fuging.

Psalm 7. Carolina. C.M. Set to Psalm 44 in Columbian Repository. Also set to other Psalms. HTI 3708. Minor.

C.M tunes: St. Anne's, St. Michael's. St. James, HTI 642

Improved Psalmody. 3 tunes.

Psalm 7. Cronsberg. C.M. John Valentine. HTI 4477. Hymn 139 in Columbian Repository. Major.

Psalm 7. C.M. Joseph Stephenson. HTI 2614. Major.

Psalm 7. St. Andrew (Tans'ur), Barby. C.M. Or Psalm 108. Major. Plain tune.

Psalm 8

1650 Scottish: C.M. 7 stanzas.

PCI 1880: 7 stanzas.

Watts: S.M., C.M., and L.M.

Psalm 8. Olive Shade. Southern Harmony. Text from PCI 1880.

Psalm 8. Goss New. DPB. Text from PCI 1880.

Psalm 8. Savannah and Whitby in The Harmonist (Methodist). Text from Heroic Verse. Or next 3 songs modified in 10.5.11

Melodia 10's 6 lines, or 8 with repeat. Hesperian Harmony. (Fits better than Triumph and more in the style of the Sacred Harp.) Columbian Harmony 98.

Triumph 10's 8 lines. American Vocalist same as Newkirk in Harmony Sacra 347.

Psalm 8. Billerica. S.M.D. Columbian Repository no. 15 pg. 10-11.

Psalm 8. Orset. C.M.D. Columbian Repository no. 16 pg 11.

Psalm 8. Bolsover. L.M. Columbian Repository no 17. pg. 12.

Psalm 8. Marshfield. L.M. William Billings. Columbian Repository no. 18. pg 12.

Psalm 8. Liverpool. C.M. Dr. Wainwright. different from SH. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 83.

Psalm 8. St. Martin’s. C.M. Or Psalm 119 part 3 in Psalter 1912.

Psalm 8. Jordan. C.M.

Psalm 8. Nettleton. C.M. Dr. Croft. PC 2,5.

Psalm 9

1650 Scottish: C.M. 16 stanzas.

Psalm 9 and 10. Lyra Regis. Acrostic. L.M.

Psalm 9. "Immortal invisible" St. Denio. Timeless Psalter. 11's. Not SH.

Psalm 9. Orwell. C.M. Columbian Repository no. 19. pg. 12.

Psalm 9. Hingham. C.M. Columbian Repository no. 20. pg. 13. T. Williams Collection.

Psalm 9. David's Victory. P.M.'s%20Victory.pdf

Psalm 9. Devises. C.M.,_William_B.) 192.

Psalm 9. 9th. C.M.

Psalm 9. Doncaster. C.M.

Psalm 10

1650 Scottish: C.M. 18 stanzas.

Psalm 10. Dighton. C.M.D. Columbian Repository no. 21. pg. 13.

Psalm 10. Bramcoate. L.M. or Psalm 114. Putney is set to the same text as the first instance of this. Rippon’s Selection (Thomas Walker) Psalm 17.

Psalm 10. Putney. L.M.

Psalm 10. Westerham/Medway. L.M. Or other Psalms. HTI 1886.

Psalm 11

1650 Scottish: C.M. 6 stanzas.

Psalm 11. Bourbon. L.M. Columbian Harmony, 1825. Text from Trinity. MH 48. Solemnity. MH 26 is set to the same text.

Psalm 11. Foundation/ Bellevue 11's. SH 72b.

Psalm 11. Symyadda. 11's. MH and ShH. Text from Trinity. Copyrighted. Don't use.

Psalm 11. Yorkshire. L.M.D. Columbian Repository no. 22 pg. 14.

Psalm 11. 11th. C.M.

Psalm 12

1650 Scottish: C.M. 6 stanzas.

Psalm 12. Buckingham. C.M. HTI 2924a.

Psalm 12. Hartford. L.M.D. Elihu Carpenter.,_Daniel) no. 2, 57.


Psalm 12. Williamstown. L.M. HTI 4647a. Only 1 citation as Psalm 12. Union Harmony.

HTI: HLFMOV check if confused with Psalm 17.

Psalm 13

1650 Scottish: C.M. 6 stanzas.

Psalm 13. L.M.


Blenheim, Bosworth, Wednesbury, Lavington, Virginia, Putney.

Psalm 13. C.M.


Fullingham, Lancaster, Oxford, Hillsborough, Complaint, Sandgate, Sullivan.

Psalm 13. C.M.

HTI: HLWTFM1 lots of tunes.

Psalm 13. C.M.

HTI: HLWTFM4 lots of tunes.

Psalm 13. Barrington. C.M. Daniel Read. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 13. Rowley. C.M. Daniel Belknap. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 13. Trenton. Amos Pilsbury. Minor.

Psalm 13. Madison. Amos Pilsbury. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 13. Sandgate. C.M.

Psalm 13. C.M. John Valentine. Minor.

Psalm 14

1650 Scottish: C.M. 6 stanzas.

Psalm 14. Depravity. C.M. Daniel Read.

Psalm 14. Inspection. L.M. 1846 Village Harmony p. 10.

Psalm 14. Bangor. C.M. HTI 1390a. Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony.

Psalm 15

1650 Scottish: C.M. 5 stanzas.

Psalm 15. Canaan. C.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 1b.

Psalm 15. All-Saints. L.M. W. Knapp.

Psalm 15. Piety. L.M.

Psalm 15. Smithfield. C.M. William Billings.

Psalm 15. The 15th Psalm. C.M. Massachusetts Harmony (1784) 49. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 15. Sion. C.M.D. HTI 672. Minor.

Psalm 16

1650 Scottish: C.M. 10 stanzas.

Psalm 16:11. Davis. 11's and 8's. CH 338b. Lots of other 1800's tunebooks on that page.

Psalm 16. Darwen. L.M.

Psalm 16. Anthem from Psalm 16.

Psalm 17

1560 Scottish: C.M. 14 stanzas.

Psalm 17. Siloam. 7’s, 6’s, and 8’s.

Psalm 17 part 2. Glasgow. L.M. also tunes with same text in MH. Southern Harmony 295.

Psalm 17. New Jerusalem. L.M.D.

Psalm 17. Tilden. L.M.D. MH 89. Also called Park Chapel.

Psalm 17. Mt. Vernon. L.M.D.

Psalm 17. Smithfield. L.M.D.

Psalm 17. Stonington. L.M. (plain tune)

Psalm 17. Islington. L.M. (plain tune)

Psalm 17. Dream of Life. L.M.D.

Psalm 17. Ps. 17. Lyon. L.M.

Psalm 17. Jerusalem. L.M.D. Kentucky Harmony 86. May be triple or quadruple.

Psalm 17. Namure. C.M. Village Harmony 109.

HTI: TMJPAS (Tate and Brady)

Psalm 17. Justification. S.M. Merit Woodruff Minor.

Psalm 17:15. Smithfield. L.M. more tunes.

Psalm 17. Felicity. L.M. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 17. Rutland. L.M. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 18

50 verses

Psalm 18:9-10. Majesty C.M.D. Billings. SH 291. Sternhold and Hopkins.

Psalm 18. Eighteenth Psalm. C.M. Billings. Originally not set to any Psalm. Move to tune list above.

Psalm 18. Abingdon. C.M. Dr. Heighington. PC 2, 12. Check other Psalms set to this tune.

Psalm. 18. Arabia. L.M. J. Everet. PC 2, 34. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 18. Majesty. C.M. Stephen Jenks.

Psalm 18. Fluvanna. C.M. Triple or quadruple? Merit Woodruff. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 18:9-10. The Lord Descended From Above. C.M. James Lyon.

Psalm 18:9-10. Anthem. C.M. William Billings. Sternhold text.

Psalm 18 part 3. Brattle Street 1770. L.M.D. William Billings. Major.

Psalm 18 part 2. Victory. C.M. Major.

Psalm 18. Kimbolton. C.M.

Psalm 18. Elim. C.M. HTI 6061. Major.

Psalm 18. Loughton. C.M. Benjamin Milgrove. HTI 3526. Major.

Psalm 18. Fanshaw. C.M.D. Columbian Repository. HTI 9615. Major.

Psalm 18. Stanes. C.M. HTI 2946.


Psalm 19

14 verses

Psalm 19. Bristol. L.M. Timothy Swan, 1786. Ancient Harmony Revived 14.

Psalm 19. Addison's 19th Psalm. L.M.D. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker)

Psalm 19. Martin's Lane. L.M. 6 lines. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 67.

Psalm 19. Jackson. L.M. Wlliam B. Moore.,_William_B.) (Different from SH.)

Psalm 19. Sounding Joy. S.M. SH 391.

Psalm 19. New Lebanon. L.M. 6 lines. SH 202.

Psalm 19 part 2. Farnham or St. Peter's. S.M. British Psalmody 2t. Major.

Psalm 19 part 2. Sutton. S.M. British Psalmody 2b. Major.

Psalm 19. Cranbury. P.M. Major. Fuguging.

Psalm 20

9 verses

Psalm 20. C.M. 20th.

Psalm 20. Ps. 20. C.M. Joseph Stephenson.

Psalm 20:7-9. Ohio. L.M. Jacob French. Major.

Psalm 21

Psalm 21. Twenty-first Psalm. C.M. Amos Bull. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 21. Psalm 21. C.M. Joseph Stephenson.,_O_Lord,_with_songs_of_praise_(Joseph_Stephenson)

Psalm 21. New Jerusalem. C.M. Jeremiah Ingalls. SH 299.

Psalm 21. Wilmington. C.M. Major. Plain tune.

Psalm 22

Psalm 22:11-21. Lena Daniel Belknap, 1794. SH 210.

Psalm 22. Park Street. L.M. or 5 lines.

Psalm 22. Burlington. C.M. American Harmony (Shumway) 162.

Psalm 22. Kedron. SH.

Psalm 22. Orangeburgh. Amos Pilsbury. Minor.

Psalm 22. Lower Falls. L.M. Minor.

Psalm 22 part 3. Crucifixion. L.M. Samuel Babcock. Minor.

Psalm 22. Chichester. C.M. Thomas Ravenscroft.,_my_God,_wherefore_dost_Thou_(Thomas_Ravenscroft) Major.

Psalm 22:25. Thus in Thy sacred courts will I. C.M. Joseph Stephenson. Minor.

Psalm 22 part 3. Crucifixion. L.M. Walter Janes. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 23

Psalm 23. Crimond.

Psalm 23. Resignation.

Psalm 23. Low Dutch Tune. Text Eliot and Boone.

Psalm 23. Lamberton. S.M. American Harmony (Shumway) 165.

Psalm 23. Portuguese Hymn. 11’s. Continental Harmony (Oliver Ditson) 146. Text by John Byrom.

Psalm 23. Twenty-Third. L.M. The Easy Instructor 1809 93t.

Psalm 23. Farndon. C.M.

Psalm 23. Hartford. C.M.

Psalm 23. Frome. C.M.

Psalm 23. 23rd. S.M. Fuging tune in the minor mood.

Psalm 23. Norman. C.M. PC 2, 21. Short Fuging section. Major.

Psalm 23. Hinton. 11's Christian Lyre, vol. II, 34.

Psalm 24

Psalm 24. Hartford. L.M.D. in Massachusetts Harmony. American Harmony (Cowling) 19.

Psalm 24. Kingsbridge. L.M. or Psalm 51. "Rejoice ye shining world on high." On Maddy Prior CD.

Psalm 24. Dedham. C.M. William Billings.

Psalm 24. New-Jersey. C.M. American Harmony (Shumway) 158-159.

Psalm 24. Twenty-fourth/Primrose. SH 47. Wyeth part two 20b.

Psalm 24. Anthem. The Earth is the Lord’s. Harmonia Sacra (Funk) 318-322. Complete Psalm.

Psalm 24:7-10. St. George’s Edinborough. C.M.D.,_John) 13.

Psalm 24. Grantham. L.M.

Psalm 24. Bristol. L.M. Timothy Swan.

Psalm 24. Lebanon. L.M.

Psalm 24. 24th. C.M.D. Duet for half of it.

Psalm 24. Pennsylvania. L.M. M.H.

Psalm 24. Bere. William Knapp.

Psalm 25

Not acrostic:

1650 Scottish: C.M. 18 stanzas.

Marquis of Lorne: C.M. 17 stanzas. 9 stanzas.

Abraham Coles: S.M. 14 stanzas.


Lyra Regis: 7's. 11 stanzas.

Dalman Hapstone: C.M. 18 stanzas.

Psalm 25. Dependence or Psalm 25th. S.M. Gillet. Boston Collection 220.

Psalm 25. Norton. S.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 22b.

Psalm 25. Twenty-fifth. S.M. Wyeth part two 28b. Massachusetts Harmony (1784) 53.

Psalm 25. New Eagle Street. S.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 55.

Psalm 25. Pomfret. S.M.

Psalm 25. Thatcher. S.M. CH 399b.

Psalm 25. Gosport Meeting. S.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 44. Fuging. Minor.

Psalm 25. Grimsby. C.M.

Psalm 25 part 2. St. Simons. S.M. British Psalmody 3t.

Psalm 25. Aylesbury. S.M. Minor. Plain tune.

Psalm 25. Barton. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 26

12 verses.

Psalm 26. Windham. Daniel Read. Or Psalm 73:23-28

Psalm 26. Ur. L.M. Oliver Holden. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 26. Judge me, O Lord, for I the paths. C.M.,_O_Lord,_for_I_the_paths_(Joseph_Stephenson) Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 27

14 verses.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 16 stanzas.

From Sacred Harp 1844 Wedlock ( to Psalm 27:1-3 in Methodist Hymnal no. 211.

Psalm 27. Pittston. C.M. by Supply Belcher.

Psalm 27:4-6. Motet. One thing have I desired of the LORD. The Canadian Church Harmonist. 282-285

Psalm 27. Bedford. C.M.

Psalm 27. Liverpool. C.M. John Everet. Psalmodia Christiana 2, 11. Compare with other Liverpool's.

Psalm 27. Hackney or St. Mary’s.

Psalm 27. Grimsby. C.M. William Dixon. PC 1, 1. Plain tune. Major.

Psalm 27. St. David's. C.M. Thomas Ravenscroft. British Psalmody 15. Major.

Psalm 27. Inverness. C.M. Columbian Repository. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 27. Victory. C.M. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 27:6. Trinity. C.M. William Tans'ur. HTI 2042. Originally Psalm 145. Popular tune based on number of citations. Wyeth's Repository part second, 130. Major.

Psalm 27. C.M. Thomas Jarman. Major.

Psalm 27. C.M. Thomas Jarman. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 28

9 verses.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 9 stanzas.

Joel Barlow: L.M. 5 stanzas. Incomplete.

PCI 1880: L.M. 8 stanzas.

James Merrick. 7's 10 lines, 5 stanzas.

Omitted in Watts.

Psalm 28. Gilmore. L.M. Columbian Repository. Text from Joel Barlow. Search HTI for text codes starting with TTOL.

Psalm 28. Trowbridge. or C.M. or S.M. or L.M. or 7's. Based on the aria ‘Verdi prati’ from Handel’s opera Alcina (1735). HTI 3675 Rippon's Selection (Thomas Walker) 21. Major.

HTI: OLMRTT Tate and Brady, C.M. Absent in Watts. Two results for 1650 TTICOL. Several tunes for 1546 TAOLMS.

Psalm 28. Manchester or Charmouth.C.M. Dr. Wainwright. HTI 3677. Or Psalm 103 or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 28. Supplication. C.M. Handel. Melodia Sacra (Oliver Shaw) 25b.

Psalm 28. Northampton. C.M. William Tans’ur.

Psalm 28. Caithness. C.M. Scottish Psalter 1635.

Psalm 28:6. C.M.D John Valentine.,_Op.7_(Valentine,_John) 50. Major.

Psalm 28. Upminster. C.M. John Arnold. 3, 32. Minor.

Psalm 28. Regis. C.M. Major.

Psalm 28. Durham, Psalm 28. C.M. Thomas Ravenscroft. HTI 365a. Major.

Psalm 28. York. C.M. HTI 331. Or many other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 28. Buckingham. C.M. HTI 727. Or other Psalms. Major. Also another tune HTI 728.

Psalm 28. Burford. C.M. HTI 11863. Or other Psalms. Minor.

Psalm 28. C.M. Joseph Stephenson. HTI 2634. CHSD. Minor.

Psalm 29

Psalm 29. Corinth. L.M. PC 2, 28. Fuging. Major. Different from SH.

Psalm 29. Twenty-Ninth Psalm. L.M. Easy Instructor 1809 93b.

Psalm 29. Constant Peace. L.M.D. Major.

Psalm 29. Ye princes that in might excel. L.M. Joseph Stephenson. Major.

Psalm 29. Anthem.

Psalm 30

Psalm 30. Restoration. L.M. triple or quadruple? Columbian Repository. Major.

Psalm 30 part 2. Woburn. L.M. Jacob Kimball. Columbian Repository. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 30:4-5. Anthem. William Billings. Missing verse 4b.

Psalm 31

1650 Scottish: C.M. 24 stanzas

Psalm 31. Quebec. L.M.

Psalm 31. Armley. L.M. Sounds like Putney.

Psalm 31. Rome. S.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 42. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 31. Wigan, Spaldwic (Wyeth's Repository, part 2). S.M. PC 2, 45. HTI 4468. Or other Psalms. Fuging. Minor.

Psalm 32

Psalm 32. Ryland. S.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 48.

Psalm 32. The Good Physician. 7's,6's. Edmund Dumas. Cooper book 176b and 1911 SH. "How lost was my condition." Another tune to the same text:

Psalm 32. Northwood. L.M. PC 2, 40. Fuging. Minor.

Psalm 33

Psalm 33. Irish. C.M.

Psalm 33. Sheffield. L.M.D. American Harmony (Cowling) 10 (26 pdf).

Psalm 33. 33rd. C.M.D. William Tucky. American Harmony (Cowling) 36.

Psalm 33. Newcourt. L.P.M.

Psalm 33. Williamsburgh. P.M.

Psalm 33. Marnham. C.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 13. Fuging.

Psalm 33. Anthem.

Psalm 34

1650 Scottish: C.M. 15 stanzas.

Psalm 34. Lexington or Psalm 134th. C.M. Joseph Stephenson. Boston Collection 219. Ancient Harmony 116. The American Harmony, 1769. Easy Instructor 31.

Psalm 34. 34th. C.M. Stephenson. American Harmony (Cowling) 8? Meridian Harmony 95. or Psalm 111.

Psalm 34. Rochester. C.M. Israel Holdroyd. MH 2.

Psalm 34. St. Andrews. C.M. Stevenson. PC 2, 16. Fuging.

Psalm 34. St. James. C.M. Dr. Croft. British Psalmody 16t. Major.

Psalm 34. Anthem.

Psalm 34. Coventry. C.M. Major.

Psalm 34. Irwinton. C.M.D. Resignation in Southern Harmony. Niall MacLennan. SH 229. Or other Psalms.

Psalm 35

28 verses.

Psalm 35. HTI text code: NPMCAG1, BTLTGL (Watts). AATTSW (Tate and Brady).

Psalm 35:12ff. Sardinia. C.M.D. SH 296.

Psalm 35:12ff. Arbacoochee. C.M.D. S.M. Denson. SH 430. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 35. C.M. Joseph Stephenson.

Psalm 35. Abington. C.M. Major.

Psalm 35. Funeral Thought. C.M. Isaac Smith. HTI 2931. Different from SH. Village Harmony, 23. Usually set to "Hark from the tombs a doleful sound." Minor.

Psalm 36

1650 Scottish: C.M. 11 stanzas.

Psalm 36. Truro. L.M. Harmonia Sacra (Funk) 249.

✓Psalm 36. Wareham. L.M. William Knapp. Major.

Psalm 36:5. Norwich. S.M. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 37

40 verses.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 33 stanzas.

Psalm 37. Constantinople. P.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 48. Fuging. Major. Or Psalm 145 or Psalm 113.

Psalm 37. Hartford. C.M. William Tans’ur. Minor.

Psalm 37:1-6. Ar Det Sant. Isaac Lloyd, text and music. Minor.

Psalm 37. Sandown. C.M.D. Columbian Repository. HTI 9773. Minor.

Psalm 37. Newport. C.M. HTI 1473. Originally set to Psalm 15. Major.

Psalm 37. York. C.M. HTI 331. Or many other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 37. Canterbury, Low Dutch. C.M. HTI 250h. Or many other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 37. Keppel. C.M.D. Columbian Repository. HTI 9671. Minor.

Psalm 37. Mowbray. C.M. Columbian Repository. Major.

Psalm 37. Great Leak, Morristown. C.M. John Arnold. HTI 2543. Originally Psalm 27. Major.

Psalm 37. Ashford. C.M. Edward Hartwell. HTI 15206. Major.

Psalm 37. Manchester. C.M. HTI 374a. Or many other Psalms. Minor.

Psalm 37. Brunswick, Leicester. C.M. HTI 891. Or many other Psalms. Only once as Psalm 37. Minor.

Psalm 37. Roxbury. C.M.D. Joseph[?] Strong. HTI 4411. Minor.

Psalm 37. Humility. L.M. HTI 8496. Originally Psalm 37. Set more often to Psalm 88. Minor.

Psalm 37:23-37. Protection. C.M. Minor.

Watts part 3: HTI MGTSOP1


Psalm 38

1650 Scottish: C.M. 18 stanzas.

Psalm 38. St. Asaph's or Newington. C.M. Benjamin Milgrove. Village Harmony 72. HTI 3223a. Same as Melchizedek in Psalmodia Christiana which is set to Psalm 110 or Psalm 146. Different from Newington VH 334. Major.

Psalm 38. Ramsgate. C.M. Major.

Psalm 38. St. Ann's. C.M. use for another Psalm.

Psalm 38. Lamport. C.M.D. Columbian Repository. Minor.

Psalm 38. Crowle/Bromsgrove/Broomsgrove. C.M. Minor. Originally set to Psalm 66 and also set to several other psalms.

Psalm 38. Westerham. C.M. Psalmodia Christiana. Minor.

Psalm 39

1650 Scottish: C.M. 11 stanzas.

Psalm 39:13-15. Anthem by John Barrow.

Psalm 39. Suffield. C.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 31. Southern Harmony 31b.

Psalm 39. Poland. C.M. SH 86.

Psalm 39. Carolina. C.M. or Psalm 7.

Psalm 39. Suffield. C.M. MH 11.

Psalm 39 part 2. Tolland. C.M. Merit Woodruff. Minor.

Psalm 39 part 2. Walsal. C.M. British Psalmody 14t. Minor.

Psalm 39. Clandon. C.M. William Dixon. Minor.

Psalm 39. Windsor. C.M. Minor.

Psalm 39. Oxford. C.M. William Tans’ur. Minor.

Psalm 39. St. Helen's, Waltham. C.M. James Green, Jr. HTI 2853. VH 107. Major.

Psalm 40

1650 Scottish: C.M. 19 stanzas.

Psalm 40. York. C.M. Columbian Repository. HTI 331a. Major.

Psalm 40. Woodston. C.M.D. Columbian Repository. Major.

Psalm 40. Liddington. L.M. Columbian Repository. HTI 1830a. Major.

Psalm 40. Musick or Artaxerxes. L.M.D. VH 167. HTI 3335. Major.

Psalm 40. Pleyel's Hymn. L.M. SH 523. HTI 5356c. Originally 7's as in SH. Major.

Psalm 40. Psalm 40. C.M. Easy Instructor. 56t. HTI 8098. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 40. Spilbrook. C.M. Walker’s Companion to Dr. Rippon’s Tune Book. HTI 14093.

Psalm 40. Ignatius. C.M. Edward Miller. HTI 18129. Major.

Psalm 40. Abridge. C.M. HTI 4143. Or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 40. Monmouth. C.M.,_Ralph) 70. HTI 1967. Minor.

Psalm 40. Kingston. C.M. HTI 843. Minor.

Psalm 40. David's. C.M. Ravenscroft. HTI 349c. Major.

Psalm 40. Dunstans. C.M. HTI 794. Minor.

Psalm 40. C.M. Thomas Firth. HTI 4865. Major.

Psalm 40. Colchester. C.M. HTI 1393. Major.

Psalm 40. Incarnation. C.M. HTI 7491. Major.

Psalm 40. Fingal. BoPfS. Also on Stephen Eager cd to a different Psalm. "o Lord deliver me from all who me oppose."

Psalm 41

1650 Scottish: C.M. 12 stanzas.

Psalm 41. Charity. L.M.D. Columbian Repository. HTI 5630b. Major.

Psalm 41. Benevolence. C.M. William Billings. Major.

Psalm 41. Banbury or Bampton. L.M. Meridian Harmony 73. 94. HTI 3956. Minor.

Psalm 41. Daintree. C.M. William Tans’ur. Minor.


Psalm 41. Yarmouth. L.M. HTI 246e. Major.

Psalm 41. Armley. L.M. Or Psalm 2 or Psalm 31. HTI 920c. Minor.

Psalm 41. St. Mark's. L.M. Or Psalm 101. HTI 2324a. Major.

Psalm 41. Ricmansworth, Rickmersworth, or Rickmansworth. L.M. HTI 2941. Major.

Psalm 41. Psalm 41. L.M. anon. Minor.

Psalm 41. Sympathy. L.M. William Read. Columbian Harmony, no. 1. HTI 6429. Minor.

Psalm 41. Mount Pleasant. C.M. James Leach. HTI 5178. Major.

Tate and Brady: HTI HTMWTC1 HTMWTC2 HTMWTC3. C.M. Many tunes.

Book 2, Psalms 42-72

Psalm 42

1650 Scottish: C.M. 13 stanzas.

Psalm 42. C.M. Taunton. William Billings, from The New England Psalm Singer, 1770. Minor. Fuging tune. 3/2.

Psalm 42. Anthem. William Billings.

Psalm 42. Dunstable. C.M. Minor.

Psalm 42. Avon. C.M. ("As pants the hart" on Maddy Prior CD)

Psalm 42. Ripon. C.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 32b.

Psalm 42. Luneville. C.M.

Psalm 42. Islington. L.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 40.

Psalm 42. Blenheim. C.M. Thomas Ravenscroft.

Psalm 42. Buringham. PC 2, 23. Short Fuging section. Minor.

Psalm 42. Anthem. Two voices. Minor.

More at CPDL.

Psalm 42. Converting Grace. C.M. R. E. Brown, Jr., 1859. SH 230. Major.

Psalm 43

5 verses.

Omitted in Watts.

Psalm 43:3 Invocation. C.M.D.,_John) 108.

Psalm 43. Bishley. L.M. PC 2, 38. Fuging. Minor.

Psalm 43. St. David’s. C.M. Thomas Ravenscroft. Major. Originally Psalm 43. Also later set to other Psalms often.

Psalm 44

26 verses.

Psalm 44. Old 44th.

Psalm 44. Spaldforth. C.M. PC 2, 10.

Psalm 44. London. C.M. Dr. Croft. British Psalmody 17t. Major.

Psalm 45

17 verses.

Psalm 45. Connecticut. H.M. Hesperian Harp 442b.

Psalm 45. Jersey. C.M. R. Boxwell. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker)

Psalm 45 is parallel to Song of Songs according to William Tans'ur in Heaven on Earth.

Psalm 45. Schenectady. L.M.D. Nehemiah Shumway. SH 192.

Psalm 45. Delight. S.M. Stephen Jenks. Different from SH. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 45. Waltham. S.M. Major.

Psalm 45. Sharon. S.M. Major.

Psalm 45. Minor.

Psalm 46

Psalm 46. Psalm Forty-Sixth. LP.M. Chandler. Ancient Harmony Revivied 156. Major. Fuging.

Psalm Forty-Sixth L.P.M. Missouri Harmony 91. From Genevan Psalter in Select Harmony, 1778. Wyeth's Repository 27. or Psalm 68, 113, 146.

Psalm 46. Greenfield. L.P.M. Edson, 1791. Ancient Harmony Revived 157. American Harmony (Cowling) 8b-9.

Psalm 46. Ein' Feste Burg. Original tune.

Psalm 46. How firm a foundation. 11's. Psalm 11 in Trinity.

Psalm 46. Anthem.

Psalm 46. Grosvenor Street. C.P.M. or L.P.M.

Psalm 46. Different from 46 above. Major. Fuging. Or Psalm 147.

Psalm 47

9 verses.

Psalm 47. Liverpool. C.M. Different from SH. American Harmony (Cowling) 22t.

Psalm 47. Victory or Clifford. C.M.

Psalm 47. Lonsdale. S.M.D. Arcangelo Corelli. CH 51. or other Psalms. More tunes:

Psalm 47. Fountain. S.M.D. Rippon’s Selection (Thomas Walker) 101. Sounds like Lonsdale. Text from UPCNA 1887. 5 stanzas or 2.5 with double tune.

Psalm 47. Triumph/Arlington (Arne). C.M.

Psalm 47. Anthem from Psalm 47.

Psalm 47. Winteringham. L.M. adapted by William Dixon. PC 2, 31. Fuging. Major. Or Psalm 34.

Psalm 47. Anthem.

Psalm 47. Abridge. C.M. Psalmodia Evangelica. Or Psalm 27. Major. Plain tune.

Psalm 47. Peck. C.M.

Psalm 47. Pisgah. C.M. SH 58.

Psalm 47. Exeter. C.M. American Harmony Tans’ur,_William) 23. Different from Exeter by Wogan.

Psalm 47. Ascension. C.M.D. Major.

Psalm 48

Psalm 48 part 2. Golden Hill. S.M. 26 in CH.

Psalm 48:14. Aylesbury. S.M. SH 28t.

Psalm 48. Owston. C.M. J. Everet. PC 2,4.

Psalm 48. Newcastle, New York, or Halifax. S.M. Plymouth in Divine Collection. British Psalmody 3b.

Psalm 49

1650 Scottish: C.M. 16 stanzas.

Psalm 49? Thorny Desert. 8.7.D William Walker.

Psalm 49. Plenary. "Auld Lang syne." C.M. SH 162.

Psalm 49. Wallingford. C.M. HTI 844a. First occurrence is Psalm 31.

Psalm 49. Swinford. L.M.D. Columbian Repository 64.


Psalm 49. St. Peter's tune. C.M. William Tans'ur. (Heaven on Earth, Proverbs 2) Sounds like "O listen closely" from Timeless Psalter. Also St. Luke's tune.

Psalm 49. Northfield. C.M. HTI 7496. Different from SH. Minor.

Psalm 49. C.M. Psalmody Improved (James Newton). HTI 3786. Two parts, need to write treble and alto. Major.

Psalm 49. Tattersall, Improved Psalmody, HTI 6889-92.

Psalm 49. "Sin not O king." C.M. Handel. HTI 1994a. Major.

Psalm 49. Stafford, Psalm 49. C.M. HTI 1052. or Psalm 86. Different from SH.

Psalm 49. Brunswick, Leicester. C.M. HTI 891. Minor.

Psalm 49. Westminster. C.M. HTI 387. Major.

Psalm 49. Winfield. C.M. Columbian Repository. HTI 7523. Minor.

Psalm 49. Piermont. C.M. Columbian Repository. HTI 1992. Major.

Psalm 49. Canterbury New, Mortality. C.M.,_Daniel) 48. Smith. HTI 7198

Psalm 49. Bohemia. C.M. Abraham Maxim. Minor.

Psalm 49. Grave. L.M. HTI 5371. Minor.

Psalm 49. Cohasset. L.M. William Billings. Originally set to Watts' hymn "Life is the time to serve the Lord." Also may fit other Psalms such as Psalm 32. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 50

23 verses.

Psalm 50. Symphony. 10's 6 lines. Christian Harmony. Columbian Harmony 64.

Psalm 50. New Fiftieth. 10's. Missouri Harmony 88. J.W., 1750.

Psalm 50. Admonition. 10's, 6. Daniel Read.

Psalm 50. Walworth. 10's. Hesperian Harp 329. New Brunswick 33.

Psalm 50. Justice. 10's 6 lines. Hesperian Harp 407. Other judgement tunes in HH.

Psalm 50. Melodia. 10's 6 lines. Hesperian Harp 404.

Psalm 50. The Rivulet. 10’s 6 lines. New Harp of Columbia 174. Check if the same as HH tunes.

Psalm 50. Landaff. P.M. Or Psalm 93.

Psalm 50. Old 50th. E. Blanks. Rippon’s Selection (Thomas Walker) 233b. Old 50th (William Tansur)

Psalm 50. Judgment. C.M. American Harmony (Shumway) 172b-173.

Psalm 50. Messiah. C.M. Southern Harmony 97.

Psalm 50. Altena. 10’s and 11’s.

Psalm 50. Gilead. C.M.

Psalm 50. Jehoshaphat's Valley. P.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 49. Major.

Psalm 50. Gainsborough. P.M. PC 2, 50. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 50. Plymouth. P.M. or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 50. Tribunal. P.M. Edward Hartwell. Or Psalm 93.

Psalm 51

1650 Scottish: C.M. 16 stanzas.

Psalm 51. Balloon. L.M. Timothy Swan. Easy Instructor 33.

Psalm 51:11. Breaker. L.M. William Walker. 1564 Scottish Psalter

Psalm 51. Supplication. L.M. Southern Harmony 5t. MH 5.

Psalm 51. New Britain. C.M. SH 45t.

Psalm 51. Ripton. L.M.D.

Psalm 51:12. Bethel. C.M. SH 27.

Psalm 51. Cusseta. L.M. SH 73t. "Show pity Lord, O Lord forgive." Or Psalm 56 or Psalm 57.

Psalm 51. Sunderland. L.M. also another unnamed tune: Plain tune. Altered from a tune called Babylon. Different from Sunderland for Psalm 136.

Psalm 51. Psalm 51 on Stephen Eager, Breathe of Life 2 CD.

Psalm 51. Williamstown. L.M. MH 72. "Show pity Lord, O Lord forgive."

Psalm 51. Ludlow. S.M. J. Stevenson. PC 2, 43. Major.

Psalm 51. Hebron. L.M. Lowell Mason. SH 566. Major.

Psalm 52

Psalm 52. Aylesbury. C.M.

Psalm 53

Psalm 53. Nottingham. P.M. or Psalm 50. Minor.

Psalm 54

Omitted in Watts

Psalm 55

Psalm 55. The Dove. C.M. Capen. Continental Harmony (Oliver Ditson) 149.

Psalm 55. Paradise. L.M.D. MH 90.

Psalm 55. Complaint. C.M. Asahel Benham. Minor.

Psalm 55. Leander. C.M.D.

Psalm 55. Florida. S.M. SH 203.

Psalm 56

Psalm 56. Consolation. C.M.D. Wyeth's Repository part two. Book of Psalms for Worship.

Psalm 57

Psalm 57. Witton. L.M. J. Everet. PC 2, 30. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 57. Angels Hymn. L.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 60.

Psalm 58

Psalm 58. Psalm 58th or Lancaster. L.P.M. Ancient Harmony Revived 196-197.

Psalm 58. Berwick C.M. by Jacob French

Psalm 59

Omitted in Watts

Psalm 59. Orange. S.M.

Psalm 59. Kentucky. S.M.

Psalm 60

Psalm 60. Leicester. L.M.D. American Harmony (Cowling) 28.

Psalm 60. Castleton. C.M.D.

Psalm 61

Psalm 61. Norwich. S.M. Minor. Fuging. Different from Sacred Harp.

Psalm 61. The Rock That is Higher Than I. 11's. Arr. B. F. White. SH 496. Modifying Heroic verse leaves three lines to fill a stanza of five lines. 1. Lead me to the Rock. 2. Shelter me under thy wings. 3. Lengthen his years to all generations. 4. That I may daily perform my vows.

Psalm 61. Haddam. S.M. Village Harmony 20. Minor.

Psalm 61. Middleton. S.M.D. Columbian Repository. Minor.

Psalm 61. Aylesbury. S.M. British Psalmody 1. Minor.

HTI WOWGMH1. Aylesbury, Haddam, Aynhoe, Hopkins.

Psalm 62

Psalm 62. Russia. L.M.

Psalm 62. Lebanon. L.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 79.

Psalm 63

1650 Scottish: C.M. 8 stanzas.

Lyra Regis: 7's 5 lines. 5 stanzas.

Dalman Hapstone: C.M. 8 stanzas.

Abraham Coles: S.M. 9 stanzas.

Marquis of Lorne: L.M. missing verses 9-11.

Matthew Parker: L.M. 11 stanzas.

Psalm 63. Montgomery. C.M.D. SH 189 Major. Fuging.

Psalm 63. Arabia. C.M.D.

Psalm 63. Orange. C.M.D. Major.

Psalm 63. Burway. C.M.D. Columbian Repository. Major.

Psalm 63. Religion. S.M. Daniel Read. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 63. Palmer. L.M. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 63. L.M.,_my_gracious_God,_to_thee_(John_Wall_Callcott) Major.

Psalm 63. L.M. 5 lines.,_my_gracious_God,_to_thee_(Bennett_Mintern_Swaffield) Minor.

Psalm 63. Bridgeton. L.M.D. Columbian Repository. Major.

Psalm 63. Homerton. L.M. 6 lines. Thomas Jarman. Major.

Psalm 63. Thorny Desert. William Walker. CH 258. Or other Psalms.

Psalm 64

Omitted in Watts.

Psalm 64. Quincy. L.M. 6 lines.

Psalm 65

Psalm 65. Rainbow. C.M. SH 344. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 65:9. Emsworth. L.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 36. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 65. Anthem.

Psalm 66

Psalm 66. Marlow. C.M. New Harp of Columbia, 59.

Psalm 66. Corfe Castle. C.M. William Knapp. Fuging.

Psalm 66. Waukegan. C.M. The Palm.

Psalm 66. Elon. C.M. Carmina Sacra.

Psalm 66. Saybrook. C.M. "Sacred Harp or Eclectic Harmony" Has major and minor version of Marlow and Saybrook.

Psalm 66. Bedford. C.M. The Choir.

Psalm 66. Genoe. C.M. Ephraim Reed.

Psalm 66 and 134th. Handel’s Anthem.

Psalm 66. Majesty. C.M. Dr. Arnold. Different from Majesty in SH by William Billings. Duet for half of it.

Psalm 66. Kingston. C.M.D. Fuging tune. Different from Kingston by Daniel Belknap.

Psalm 66. Halifax. C.M. PC 2,3. Fuging.

Psalm 67

1650 Scottish: C.M. 4 stanzas.

Psalm 67. Guilford. S.M. William Tans'ur. The Royal Melody Complete, 1767. Text from Scottish Psalter.

Psalm 67. Peckham. S.M.

Psalm 67. Extollation. S.M. Quadruple. Could be Quintuple with an added repeat. 1650 Scottish Psalter S.M. version is four stanzas.

Psalm 67. 67th. S.M.

Psalm 67. Philadelphia. S.M.

Psalm 67. Harpswell. S.M. PC 2, 46. Fuging. Minor.

Psalm 67. Anthem.

Psalm 68

35 verses.

Psalm 68. Bear Creek. L.M. SH 269. American Harmony (Cowling) 34b.

Psalm 68.

Psalm 68. Duke Street. L.M. CH 470.

Psalm 68. Lainham. L.M.D. PC 2, 33. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 68. Rehoboth. L.M. triple. Major. Set piece.

Psalm 68:32-35. Anthem.,_ye_kingdoms_(Hezekiah_Moors)

Psalm 68. Effingham. L.M. Same text as Bear Creek. Or Psalm 29. Major.

Psalm 68. Blendon. L.M. Major.

Psalm 68. Stratford. L.M. Major.

Psalm 68. Mahon. L.M. Major.

Psalm 68. Stanwix. L.M. Major.

Psalm 69

Psalm 69. Lichfield Tune. Text Eliot and Boone.

Psalm 69. Cheshire. C.M. Este's Psalter, 1592.

Psalm 69. Sutton New. C.M. American Vocalist 58b. Wyeth's Repository 55t.

Psalm 69. Broomsgrove. C.M. Middlesex Collection 93.

Psalm 69. Danville. C.M. Delights of Harmony 23. Or Psalm 5.

Psalm 69. Coleshill. C.M. Evangelical Music 97.

Columbian Repository has several C.M. and L.M. tunes.

Psalm 69. Salvation. C.M. Southern Harmony 84. or Psalm 120.

Psalm 69. Brandford. C.M.

Psalm 69. Providence. L.M.

Psalm 69:15. Brook. L.M. PC 2, 39. Fuging. Minor.

Psalm 69. Fitchburg. L.M. William Billings. Originally not set to any text and later set to Psalm 69. Minor. Plain tune.

Psalm 70

1546 Scottish: L.M. 5 stanzas.

Sternhold and Hopkins: S.M. 6 stanzas.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 4 stanzas. S.M. 4 stanzas.

Joel Barlow: C.M. 4 stanzas.

Very little (at least that is accessible and is Sacred Harp) in HTI and CPDL, probably because Watts omitted it.

Psalm 70. L.M.,_our_weary_limbs_to_rest_(John_Broderip) Or Psalm 69 or Psalm 137. HTI 1797. Minor.

Psalm 70. Worksop. C.M. Columbian Repository. or Psalm 119. Minor.

Psalm 70. St. Clement. On Stephen Eager, Breath of Life CD. Major.

Psalm 70. Distress. L.M. Southern Harmony. Minor.

Psalm 70. Davis. 11,8. Southern Harmony. (Text, UPCNA 1879) Major.

Psalm 71

24 verses.

Psalm 71 part 2 (Watts). Bath Chapel. C.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker).

Psalm 71. Idumea. S.M. MH 22. Minor.

Psalm 71. Salford. C.M. Minor.

Psalm 71. Broomsgrove. C.M. Major. More tunes.

Psalm 72

20 verses.

Psalm 72. Tatnall. L.M. Eclectic Harmony. Text from Henry Dunster, Richard Lyon. "The Psalms hymns, and spiritual songs, of the Old and New-Testament"

Psalm 72. Dominion. L.M. Daniel Read, 1798. ShH 436, KH1 90. Columbian Harmony 63.

Psalm 72. Dunstan. L.M. Martin Madan. Sacred Harp or Eclectic Harmony 1.

Psalm 72. Burlington. L.M. Janes. Meridian Harmony 105. Major.

Psalm 72. Gibraltar. L.M. W.J. White Major.

Psalm 72. Anthem.

Psalm 72. Helmsley. or other Psalms.

Psalm 72. Anthem. William Knapp.

Psalm 72. Cecil. 7.6. Major.

Psalm 72. Lemington. L.M. Thomas Jarman. Major.

Psalm 72. Enderby. L.M.,_whose_universal_sway_(Thomas_Jarman) Major.

Book 3, Psalms 73-89

Psalm 73

28 verses.

Psalm 73. York Tune. C.M. Text Eliot and Boone.

Psalm 73. Huntington. C.M. SH 193.

Psalm 73. Greenwich. C.M. SH 183.

Psalm 73. Contemplation. L.M. Easy Instructor, 67. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 74

23 verses.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 24 stanzas.

Lyra Regis: L.M. 14 stanzas.

Psalm 74. Mear. C.M. SH 49b. Or Psalm 122, then Psalm 96, then Psalm 150. Psalm 74 in SH and Southern Harmony.

Psalm 74. Kegsworth. C.M. John Arnold. Later called Salem. HTI 2546. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 74. Benevolence. C.M. J. W. Calcott.,_European_Musick_(Blanchard,_Amos) 39. HTI 5651. Minor. Plain tune.

Psalm 74. China. C.M. Timothy Swan. HTI 8729a. SH 163b.

Psalm 74. Complaint. C.M.D. Jacob French. Psalmodist’s Companion. Minor.

Psalm 74. Bishopsgate. C.M. Columbian Repository. Minor.

Psalm 74. The Church's Desolation. SH 89. Major.

Psalm 75

10 verses.

Psalm 75. Swinderby. C.M. T. Jackson. PC 1, 2. Plain tune. Major.

Psalm 75. Barwick. L.M.D. HTI 890.,_Nathaniel) 180. Minor.

Psalm 75. C.M. Joseph Stephenson. HTI 2651. Church Harmony Sacred to Devotion, 49. Minor.

Psalm 76

1650 Scottish: C.M. 9 stanzas.

Psalm 76. Bletchingly. C.M. HTI 1873. Major.

Psalm 76. Bloxham. C.M. HTI 1948. Major.

Psalm 76. Irish. C.M. HTI 1936. Or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 76. Sherlock. C.M. Columbian Repository. HTI 7102b. Major.

Psalm 76. Judah. C.M. Thomas Jarman (author of Lyngham/Nativity) HTI 14565. Major.

Psalm 76. Martin's Lane L.M. 6 lines. HTI 4470. Village Harmony, 169. Or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 76. Berlin, Crown point. L.M. 6 lines. Handel. HTI 5652.

Psalm 76. Dorchester. C.M. Major.

Psalm 76. Devizes. C.M.

Psalm 77

Psalm 77. Newbury. C.M. PC 2, 24. Short Fuging section. Minor.

Psalm 77. Dedham. C.M.

Psalm 78


Psalm 78 part 1. Trinity. Wyeth's Repository part 2. HTI 2042b. Sudbury 2995, Tennessee 9934, Abbey 14019b. HTI LCHTMD1.

Psalm 78 part 2. St. Mary's. HTI 542a. HTI OWASRH.

Psalm 78 part 3. Rochelle. Columbian Repository. HTI WISTLR. Only one result.

Psalm 78 part 4. Eversham. Columbian Repository. Only one result in HTI.

Brady and Tate.

Psalm 78 part 1. HTI HOMPTM.

Psalm 78 part 2 & 3. HTI no results.

1560 Scottish

Psalm 78. HTI AMPTML

Psalm 78. 1546 Scottish. C.M.D.

Psalm 78. Whitestown. L.M.D. SH 211.

Psalm 78. Tennessee. C.M. Major.

Psalm 79

1650 Scottish: C.M. 13 stanzas.

Lyra Regis: L.M. 11 stanzas.

Dalman Hapstone: C.M. 13 stanzas.

Abraham Coles: L.M. 9 stanzas.

Omitted in Watts.

Psalm 79. Psalm 79. L.M.D. Isaac Lloyd. Major.

Psalm 79. Salisbury. C.M. HTI 279c. Minor.

Psalm 79. Brentford, Kidderminster, St. Luke. C.M. Michael Broome. HTI 1192. Major.

Psalm 79. Sion. C.M. HTI 672a.

Psalm 79. Newport. C.M. HTI 1473. Compleat Psalmodist 87.

Rugby HTI 1436, Burford HTI 846a, Carlisle HTI 362a.

Common tunes: Jabez, St. Kilda, Martyrs, Cunningham, Free Church.

Psalm 79. Eastham. L.M. Columbian Repository. Text Joel Barlow.

Billings’ tunes: Concord (C.M.), Dudley (L.M.). Not originally set to a Psalm. Minor.

Psalm 80

Psalm 80. Addison. C.M. New-Brunswick (1818) 50t.

Psalm 80. Third. C.M. or Psalm 3.

Psalm 80.

Psalm 81

1650 Scottish: C.M. 13 stanzas.

Psalm 81. Old 81st. C.M.D.

Psalm 81. Marlow. C.M. French. PC 2, 6. Fuging.

Psalm 81. Mount Tabor. C.M.,_the_heavenly_joys_(William_Marsh) Major. Fuging. Also, Norwich C.M.D. SH 362 is set to the same hymn text.

Psalm 82. Powlett. L.M.

Psalm 83

1650 Scottish: C.M. 12 stanzas.

Psalm 83. Lexington. C.M.D. Abraham Wood. Minor.

Psalm 83. Federal Street. S.M. James Hewitt. HTI 14225.,_James) 59. Different from SH. Minor.

Psalm 83. Exeter. S.M. HTI 8034. 55. Minor.

Psalm 83. Uxbridge. S.M. Jacob Kimball. HTI 6372. Different from SH. Minor.

Psalm 83. Douglass. S.M.D. Jacob French. HTI 6170. Psalmodist's Companion. Minor.


Psalm 84

12 verses.

Psalm 84. New Suffield. L.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 31b.

Psalm 84. Rickmansworth. L.M. New-Brunswick (1818) 54m.

Psalm 84. Ain. S.M. Text from hymn by Samuel Stennet.

Psalm 84. Saltash. H.M.

Psalm 84. Templeton. C.M.

Psalm 84. Zion. P.M.

Psalm 84. Falmouth. P.M.

Psalm 84. Egham. C.M. French. PC 2, 7. Fuging.

Psalm 84. Darking. C.M. W. Knapp. PC 2, 14. This tune may be sung either in solos or duets.

Psalm 84. Grantham. C.M. J. Everet. PC 2, 19.

Psalm 84 part 4. Ashby.

Psalm 84. Portugal. L.M. HTI 5688. Or Psalm 123 or other Psalms.

Psalm 85

Psalm 85.

Psalm 85. Fairhaven. L.M.

Psalm 86

Psalm 86. Medway. C.M.

Psalm 86. Westerham. C.M.,_earthly_gods_(James_Evison) Minor.

Psalm 87

Psalm 87. Jefferson. 8’s,7’s D. SH 148. Southern Harmony 42. “Glorious things of thee are spoken.” (Not Austrian national anthem by Haydn.) Text from Seedbed Psalter.

Psalm 88

Omitted in Watts.

18 verses.

Psalm 88. Lenwick. L.M. 6 lines. Holyoke. or Psalm 68 or Psalm 3.

Psalm 88. Birmingham. L.M.

Psalm 88. Enfield. L.M. 6 lines. Minor.

Psalm 88. Humility. L.M. HTI 8496. Originally Psalm 37. Minor.

Psalm 89

52 verses.

Psalm 89. American Harmony (Cowling) 11.

Psalm 89. Pittsfield. L.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 16b-17. (6th part of Watts.)

Psalm 89. Virginia. L.M. SH 191. American Harmony (Cowling) 21. (4th verse of Watts.)

Psalm 89. Stratham. C.M.

Psalm 89. 89th. P.M. Easy Instructor. Psalm 63 or Psalm 120.

Psalm 89. Ephesus. L.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 27. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 89. Plymouth. C.M. Major.

Psalm 89:48. Idumea. S.M. Minor.

Psalm 89:48. Mount Ephraim. S.M. Major.

Psalm 89. Anthem.

Psalm 89. Invitation. C.M. Major.

Psalm 89. Greenfield. P.M.

Psalm 89. Kesh. L.M.D. Isaac Lloyd. Jig. Major.

Psalm 89, last part. Detroit. P.M. Different from SH. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 89. Sincerity. C.M. Major.

Psalm 89. Bloominggrove. P.M. Major.

Psalm 89. Entreaty. P.M. Minor. Fuging.

Book 4, Psalms 90-106

Psalm 90

17 verses

Lyra Regis: L.M. 6 lines. 9 stanzas.

Psalm 90. St. Anne (O God Our Help in Ages Past). Or Psalm 42 Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 58. HTI 664.

Psalm 90 Thomas Town by William Billings C.M.

Psalm 90:5. Mortality. L.M. SH 50t.

Psalm 90. Danbury. S.M. American Harmony (Shumway) 157.

Psalm 90. Ustick. S.M. W. Cole. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 71.

Psalm 90. Lamentation. L.M.,_William_B.) 120.

Psalm 90. Amanda. L.M. Wyeth’s Repository part one 54. Easy Instructor. Minor.

Psalm 90. Augusta. C.M.,_William_B.) 104.

Psalm 90. Georgia. C.M. MH 8. Southern Harmony 72. Different from Georgia in SH (T. B. McGraw, 1935).

Psalm 90. Blackbourn. C.M.

Psalm 90. Philadelphia. C.M.

Psalm 90. Evening Hymn. S.M.

Psalm 90. Norfolk. S.M.

Psalm 90. Maryland. S.M.

Psalm 90. Windsor. C.M. Minor. Plain tune.

Psalm 90. New Bethany. L.M. B. F. White Jr., 1869. SH 431. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 90. Eternal Home. C.M. S. M. Denson, 1911. SH 336. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 90. Holland. L.M. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 90. Plainfield. C.M. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 91

Psalm 91. Refuge. L.M. HTI 10725. Major.

Psalm 91. Victory. C.M. William Billings. Major.

Psalm 91. Langport. L.M. Thomas Clark. Major.

Psalm 91. Safety. L.M. Thomas Clark. Major. Fuguging (partially).

Psalm 91. Mecklenburg. L.M. Samuel Long.

Psalm 92

1650 Scottish: C.M. 14 stanzas.

Psalm 92. Rockbridge. L.M.

Psalm 92. Hotham. L.M.D. Psalmodia Christiana(1) 56. Or Psalm 107. Major.

Psalm 92. Montague. L.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 12 (28 pdf).

Psalm 92. Lewisburgh. L.M. American Harmony (Shumway) 169-170.

Psalm 92. Hingham. L.M.

Psalm 92. Topsfield. L.M.D.

Psalm 92. Portuguese Hymn. L.M. “Adestes Fideles/O Come All Ye Faithful.”

Psalm 92. Deighton. L.M.

Psalm 93

1546 Scottish: C.M. 6 stanzas.

Lyra Regis: 8.8.8. 5 stanzas.

Psalm 93. New Canaan. S.P.M. Holden, 1793. Ancient Harmony Revived 165.

Similar to Chambers, arr. by B.F. White in SH 1870 which is from Savoy by Samuel Holyoke in the Columbian Repository of Sacred Harmony, 1803.

Psalm 93. Ninety-Third Psalm. S.M. Lucius Chapin. SH. 31t. Southern Harmony 7t. Earlier version, Delay, Jeremiah Ingalls.

Psalm 93. Dalston. S.P.M. CH 519. Kentucky Harmonist 2nd ed. 29b.

Psalm 93. Dependence. S.P.M.

Psalm 93. Leoni. P.M. “The God of Abraham Praise.”

Psalm 93. The Lord is king, and is clothed with majesty. Anthem. William Billings.,_and_is_clothed_with_majesty_(William_Billings)

Psalm 93. Thetford. Major.

Psalm 94

Psalm 94. Newport. C.M.

Psalm 94. Norwalk. C.M.

Psalm 94. St. Lawrence’s. C.M. Jonathan Battishill. Village Harmony. Columbian Repository. HTI 4767. Only tune for Watts in HTI.

Psalm 94 part 2. Watts. HTI OGTWRB1, OGTWRB2, OGTWVB1.

Psalm 95

Psalm 95. Lexington. L.M. 6 lines. in Massachussetts Harmony.

Psalm 95. Bridgewater. L.M. SH 276. American Harmony (Cowling) 20.

Psalm 95. Stockbridge. L.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 26. (or Psalm 117.)

Psalm 95. Ninety-fifth. Lucias Chapin. Wyeth's part two 21b. SH 36b. Southern Harmony 27b.

Psalm 95. Knoxville. Southern Harmony 146.

Psalm 95. Baptists. Sounds like the first half of St. Matthew (Croft.)

Psalm 95. Newton. S.M.

Psalm 95. Epsom. L.M. J. Everet. PC 2, 35. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 95. Silver Street or Falcon Street S.M. The second half as it appears in the SH 311 and others is an addition. British Psalmody 9.

Psalm 95:7-8. Turn, Sinner, Turn. L.M. with refrain. E.J.King. SH 160b.

Psalm 95. St. Luke’s. L.M.

Psalm 96

13 verses

Psalm 96. Barcelona. P.M. 8's. (Tate and Brady) Columbian Repository no. 727 pg. 460.

Psalm 96:8-9,11,13. Reverential Anthem. E.J. King. SH 234.

Psalm 96. Union. L.M. 6 lines.

Psalm 96. Martin’s Lane. L.P.M.

Psalm 96. Didsbury. P.M.

Psalm 96. Mear. SH 49b. Or Psalm 122, then Psalm 96, then Psalm 150.

Psalm 96. Ontario. L.P.M. Cheetham.

Psalm 96. Windsor. C.M. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 97

Psalm 97. Ninety-Seventh Psalm. L.M. William Tuckey. Ancient Harmony Revived 16b. and Boston Collection 117. New Brunswick 124b.

Psalm 97. Jehovah Reigns. Oliver Holden.

Psalm 97. Victory. L.M. American Harmony (Shumway) 192-195.

Psalm 97. Northampton Chapel. Anthem. New-Brunswick (1818) 52. Text from Watts.

Psalm 97. Brentwood’s 100th, Ps. 97 2nd verse. L.M.

Psalm 97. Ithaca. L.M. 6 or 8 lines. Two time signature changes.

Psalm 97. Joseph Stephenson. CHSD.

Psalm 97. Liverpool.

Psalm 97. Calcutta. L.M.,_the_Lord,_the_Saviour_reigns_(Thomas_Jarman) Major.

Psalm 98

9 verses

Psalm 98. Stratfield. L.M. Hawley. (Different from the one by Ezra Goff in SH 142)

Psalm 98. Joy to the World (Antioch).

Psalm 98. Joy to the World (William Walker)

Psalm 98. Joy to the World. C.M.D. Paine Denson. (unpublished. Copyrighted, don’t use.)

Psalm 98. Lyngham C.M. Nativity in SH (not Fuging though). Desert. By Thomas Jarman.,_John) 52.

Psalm 98. America. L.M. William Billings.

Psalm 98. 98th Psalm. C.M.D.

Psalm 98. Major.

Psalm 98. Poundridge. C.M. (good Fuging tune.)

Psalm 98. Otford. C.M. Rippon’s Selection (Thomas Walker) 106.

Psalm 98. Weybossett Street. C.M.D. Unusable since it is set particularly to “Joy to the World?”

Psalm 98. Anthem.

Psalm 98. Boston. C.M.

Psalm 99

9 verses

Psalm 99. Stratford. 10’s. 8 lines. ( “Judas Maccabeus” New-Brunswick (1818) 48-49. Text from Heroic. 3 stanzas. HTI 2229e. As 7's.

Psalm 99. Mercy Seat. L.M. Copyrighted 2005? Text Matthew Parker 1560. Or modify C.M.?

Psalm 99. Retreat. L.M. Thomas Hastings. Replace IV. chords.

Psalm 99. Aynhoe. S.M. Rippon’s Selection (Thomas Walker) 108.

Psalm 99. Aberdeen. S.M.D.

Psalm 100

5 verses

Psalm 100. Old Hundredth. L.M.

Psalm 100. Denmark. L.M. Complete Psalm. MH 117 (159). Wyeth’s Repository Part one 115. Added duet:

Psalm 100. New Hundred. L.M. Birkenhead. New-Brunswik (1818) 18. MH 3

Psalm 100. Be Joyful in God. Several more tunes:

Psalm 100. Gratitude. L.M. Fuging.

Psalm 100. Hungerford. L.M. J. Everet. PC 2, 29. Anthem? Major.

Psalm 100. Tris Agium. J. Everett. PC 2, pg 32.

Psalm 100. New Hundredth. L.M. Thomas Jarman. Major.

Psalm 101

8 verses.

Psalm 101. Jefferson. L.M. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 101. Bancroft. C.M.

Psalm 102

28 verses.

Psalm 102. Burford. C.M. Henry Purcell. Also, a similar tune by Daniel Read.

Psalm 102:24. Putney. L.M. Williams, Aaron. The Universal Psalmodist. Set to Psalm in Bridgewater Collection of Sacred Music

Psalm 102. Yarmouth. C.M. Asahel Benham. Minor.

Psalm 103

22 verses.

Psalm 103. Montgomery. S.M. Different from SH. American Harmony (Cowling) 25.

Psalm 103. Stockport. S.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 47.

Psalm 103:20. Worcester. S.M.D. SH .,_John) 84b.

Psalm 103. Waldin. L.M. Union Harp 126.

Psalm 103. Well’s Row. L.M. Rippon’s Selection (Thomas Walker) 98b.

Psalm 103 part 2. Kelso. S.M. CH 402b.

Psalm 103. 103rd. S.M.

Psalm 103. Dunham. L.M. J. Everett. PC 2, 32. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 103. Exeter. L.P.M. Dr. Worgan.

Psalm 103. Richmond, Ont-hall Chapel, or Enfield. S.M. Is. Smith. British Psalmody 6.

Psalm 103. Anthem.

Psalm 103:15-22. Pentonville. S.M. More tunes.

Psalm 103. Yarmouth. S.M. Major. Fuging. Several tunes.

Psalm 104

1650 Scottish: C.M. 30 stanzas.

Sing Psalms:

Abraham Coles: S.M. both versions.

Lyra Regis:

Marquis of Lorne: C.M.,

Dalman Hapstone: C.M. 28 stanzas.

Psalm 104. Old 104th. 1546 Scottish. Psalmodia Christiana(1) 118. "O Worship the King."

Psalm 104. “O worship the king” text from Charles Wesley.

Psalm 104. Lyons. "O worship the king."

Psalm 104. Dover. L.M.D. Harmonia Sacra (Funk) 267.

Psalm 104:9. Garden. L.M.,_William_B.) 62.

Psalm 104. Tennessee. P.M.

Psalm 104. Nantwich. L.M.

Psalm 104. Hanover or Old 104th. In Aaron Williams, British Psalmody.

Psalm 104. Anthem. L.M.

Psalm 104. Blaenwern. Sing Psalms. Or Psalm 132 Trinity Psalter Hymnal.

Psalm 104. Eaton. L.M. or L.M. 6 lines. HTI 9147. Major.

Psalm 104. Maryland or Italian. L.M. HTI 2217. Major.

Psalm 104. Amerton. L.M. HTI 5671. Major.

Psalm 104. Jasper. T. J. Denson, 1907. SH 426b. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 104. Fillmore. C.M. J. P. Reese, 1869. SH 434. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 104. Seaman's Song. C.M. Wyeth's Repository part 2, 114. Major.

Psalm 104. Walsal (different from the more common Walsal.) 10’s, 11’s.

Psalm 105

45 verses

Psalm 105:40. Tamworth. 8,7, & 4. Lockhart. Ancient Harmony Revived 177. Columbian Harmony 144b. "Guide me O thou great Jehovah." May be difficult to sing.

Psalm 105. Redbridge. C.M. PC 2, 18. Fuging. Or Psalm 47.

Psalm 105:9-11. Mount Pisgah. C.M.D. CH 447. Major.

Psalm 106

1650 Scottish: C.M. 39 stanzas.

Psalm 106. Thomas's. S.M. British Psalmody 7.

Psalm 106:5. Nehemiah. C.M. HTI 11794. Major.

Book 5, Psalms 107-150

Psalm 107

43 verses.

Psalm 107. Kingsbridge. L.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 32 (48 pdf). (“Rejoice ye shining world on high” on Maddy Prior CD)

Psalm 107:23ff. Ocean. C.M.D. SH 202.

Psalm 107:33ff. Whitestown. L.M.D. SH 211. More associated with Psalm 78.

Psalm 107:23-30 Euroclydon by William Billings. (Anthem). American Harmony (Shumway) 181.

Psalm 107. Pool. L.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 18. (4th part of Brady and Tate.) C.M.? W. Knapp. PC 2, 25. Minor.

Psalm 107. Morning Song/Consolation. C.M. Southern Harmony 17.

Psalm 107. The Seaman’s Song. L.M.

Psalm 108

13 verses

Omitted in Watts.

Psalm 108. Lancaster. C.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 1t.

Psalm 108. Bath Chapel. C.M. PC 2, 17. Fuging.

Psalm 108. Anthem.

Psalm 109

1650 Scottish: C.M. 28 stanzas.

Psalm 109. Aberdeen, Hispaniola (Columbian Repository), or Tara. C.M.D. Dr. Samuel Arnold. HTI 5673 Set to Psalm 119 part 13 in Columbian Repository. Minor.

Psalm 109. C.M. Phocion Henley. HTI 7594 Different?,_whose_former_mercies_make_(Phocion_Henley)

Psalm 109. Maroneck. C.M.D. HTI 9696. Columbian Repository. Minor.

Psalm 109. Norwich. C.M. HTI 846a. Minor.

Psalm 109. Portsea. C.M. Kingsbury. HTI 9229a. Rippon's Selection (Thomas Walker). Bridgewater Collection. Major.

HTI: ISSDNH 1546 Scottish. Several tunes. Norwich, Chelmsford, Shenfield.

Psalm 110

7 verses

Psalm 110. Alabama C.M.D. 196 SH.

Psalm 110. Zoheleth in PCI incorrectly attributed to W.H. Havergal (1793-1870). Text from PCI 1880. Newbury by William Edward Miller (1735–1807) in David’s Harp . . . adapted to Mr Wesley’s Selection of Hymns. 1803.

Psalm 110. Miles Lane. C.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 32. Or psalm 117 or 68. Psalm 66 in BoPFW.

Psalm 110. Melchizedek or St. Asaph’s or Newington. C.M.D. Benjamin Milgrove.

Psalm 110. Antigua. L.M. R. Wells. HTI 4939.

Psalm 111

10 verses

Psalm 111. Abingdon. C.M.D. Dr. Heighington. Has a 2nd part that Abingdon by Heighington in Rippon’s Selection (Thomas Walker) doesn’t have. Also has an extended Hallelujah section on the third page which is similar to the Hallelujah section of Girton (Psalm 18) from Psalmodia Christiana.

Acrostic. Dalman Hapstone. Lyra Regis.

Psalm 111. Dartmouth. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 112


Dalman Hapstone: 11's. 5 stanzas plus 2 lines.

Lyra Regis. L.M. 6 stanzas

Not acrostic.

Abraham Coles: 7's. 7 stanzas.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 10 stanzas.

Psalm 112. Beneficence. L.M.D. William Billings. SH 486. Major.

Psalm 112. Psalm 112. L.M. 6 lines. Amos Pillsbury.

Psalm 112. Liberality. L.M.

Psalm 112. Old 112th. L.M.

Psalm 112. St. John’s. L.M. Major.

Psalm 113

Lyra Regis: 7',4's or 11's. 7's without the Hallelujah's at the end of each line. 5 stanzas.

Dalman Hapstone: 3 stanzas. Hallelujah before and after.

Abraham Coles: 7's 6 lines. 3 stanzas.

Marquis of Lorne: C.M. 6 stanzas. 4 stanzas.

Matthew Parker: C.M. 9 stanzas.

1546 Scottish. L.M. 6 lines. 4 stanzas.

UPCNA: L.M. 5 stanzas.

Psalm 113. Old 113th. L.M. Harmonia Sacra 102. Several more tunes, "I'll praise my maker…" is Psalm 146. Old 113th is Genevan Psalm 68.

Psalm 113. Ohio. L.M. Harmonia Americana 31.

Psalm 113. 113th Psalm. Anthem.

Psalm 113. New 113th. L.M.

Psalm 113. Friendship. P.M. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 113. Newcourt. L.M. 6 lines. H. Bond.

Psalm 114

1560 Scottish: 7 stanzas

Psalm 114. Sinai. L.M.D. Village Harmony, 333.

✓Psalm 114. Wells. C.M.

Psalm 115

18 verses

Psalm 115. Halifax. 10's 6 lines. William Billings.

Psalm 115. Queensborough. 10's 6 lines. Jacob French.

Psalm 115. New Haven.

Psalm 115. Warwick. L.M. HTI 911.

Psalm 115. Hardborough. P.M.

Psalm 115. Psalm 115. L.M. Deolph. HTI 4075. Major.

Psalm 116

1650 Scottish: C.M. 12 stanzas.

Psalm 116 part 2 (Watts). Abingdon. Dr. Heighington. C.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 42.

Psalm 116. Boston. C.M. Lewis Edson (Not Billings.)

Psalm 116:15. Rest. L.M.

Psalm 116. Sunbrudy. C.M.

Psalm 116. Providence. C.M. C. Curtis, 1820. SH 298. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 117

Psalm 117. Creation. L.M. 6 lines. CH 490. Text from 1635 Scottish Psalter.

Psalm 117. Stockbridge. L.M. William Billings. Ancient Harmony Revived 190.

Psalm 117. Chmielno. C.M. - P. Dan Brittain. Copyrighted. Don’t use.

Psalm 117. Stockbridge. L.M.D. in Massachussetts Harmony. American Harmony (Shumway) 190 b.

Psalm 117. Vienna. L.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 24. Text 1650 Scottish.

Psalm 117. Denbigh. L.M.D. Martin Madan. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 54.

Psalm 117. Newburyport. L.M.

Psalm 117. Verona. L.M. Major.

Psalm 118

Psalm 118. Stafford. S.M. SH 78. American Harmony (Cowling) 20b.

Psalm 118. Pleyel’s Hymn (First)/Devotion/Brattle Street/Retirement. C.M.D. SH 143. HTI 8465.

Psalm 118. Birmingham. C.M. Triple Fuging entrances.

Psalm 118. Milford. C.M. Joseph Stephenson. SH 273.

Psalm 119

Psalm 119. Nashville. L.M. 6 lines. CH 491.

Psalm 119:92. Chelmsford or Psalm 119th. C.M. Smith. Boston Collection 219.

Psalm 119:92. Psalm 119th. C.M. Smith. Ancient Harmony Revived 129. American Vocalist 61.

Psalm 119. Sawyer's exit. 9,8. SH 338. Need a text. Cull.

Psalm 119. Vienna. L.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 23. (part 16th of Watts.)

Psalm 119. Summerset. C.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 30. (part 11th of Watts.)

Psalm 119 part 4 (Watts). Worksop. C.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 31.

Psalm 119:9-16. Beth. Duane Street. L.M.D. SH 164. Text from Dalman Hapstone. Originally set to Psalter 1912 text in Trinity Hymnal 1961?

Psalm 119 part 12 (Psalter 1912). Rockingham New. L.M. Lowell Mason.

Lyra Regis preserves the acrostic at the beginning of every other line. 7’s.

Dalman Hapstone also preserves the acrostic. L.M.

Abraham Coles is L.M.

Psalm 119 part 2. Redbourn. C.M. William Dixon. Psalmodia Christiana pt. 2, 1.

Psalm 119. Nashville. C.M. 6 lines. SH 64. Major.

Psalm 119 part 11 (Watts). Windsor. C.M. G. Kirby, 1592. British Psalmody 13.

Psalm 119:145-252 (T). Davis. BoPFS. In CH.

Psalm 119. Psalm 119. C.M. Easy Instructor, 53. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 119.

Psalm 119 part 16 or 17. C.M. Minor.

Songs of Ascents, Psalms 120-134

Psalm 120

7 verses

Watts, C.M.:

HTI 735a, 1084a, 4675, 9582, 11492, 17187

Tate and Brady IDDIOH1. L.M. 6 lines

Psalm 120. Crete. L.M. 6 lines. Samuel Babcock. Minor.

Psalm 120. 6's 6 lines. Minor.

Psalm 120. Plymton. L.M. 6 lines. Not originally set to a Psalm but 120 is likely since it is L.M. 6 in the New Version. Minor.

Psalm 120. 6's 6 lines. Major.

Psalm 121

8 verses.

Psalm 121. Delight. SH 216. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 121. Beverly. C.M. American Harmony (Cowling) 16.

Psalm 121. 136th or Scotland. American Harmony (Cowling) 38.

Psalm 121. Marks. L.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 65.

Psalm 121. Froome. C.M. H. Bond. Rippon’s selection (Thomas Walker) 255.

Psalm 121. Rockingham. L.M. Jacob Kimball.

Psalm 121. Refuge. A. Ellis. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 121. Middle Paxton. Wyeth’s part 2. Major.

Psalm 121. Weathersfield. Major.

Psalm 121. Dalton. Hezekiah Moors. Province Harmony. HTI 12975. Need.

Psalm 121. Greenwich, Greenwich New, Weymouth, Augusta. Rev. Ralph Harrison. HTI 4457. Or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 121. Dartmouth. Jacob Kimball. HTI 6330. Major.

Psalm 121. Safety. Daniel Peck. HTI 12625. Major. Need.

Psalm 121. Ohio. Elisha West. HTI 9250. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 121. Duxbury, Protection. Wright. HTI 8521. Major. Fuging.


Psalm 122

9 verses.

✓Psalm 122. Dalston. S.P.M. Aaron Williams. Ancient Harmony Revived 164. American Harmony (Cowling) 34t.

Psalm 122. Anthem on Psalm 122. The Chorister's Companion 115-120 (complete Psalm).

Psalm 122. Cambridge. C.M. Wyeth's Repository 91.

Psalm 122. Psalm 122. S.P.M. Smith’s Collection. 117.

Psalm 122. Worship. S.P.M.

Psalm 122. Milton. P.M.

Psalm 122. Psalm 122. P.M. Major. Fuging, two Fuging entrances.

Psalm 123

4 verses.

C.M. Leek 845, Norwich 846, Newent 2586 (Columbian Repository), Grove House 4667, Marsham 10145.

Psalm 123. Psalm 123, Stennet, Lombardy. L.M. Pergolesi HTI 5688. Major.

Psalm 123. Portugal. L.M. Thomas Thorley. HTI 5688. Or Psalm 84 or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 123. Hauff. - P. Dan Brittain. Missoury Harmony. "Have Mercy." or "Be Gracious" Need to put it in Copyrighted. Don’t use.

Psalm 124

8 verses.

Psalm 124. Old 124th, Toulon, Montague (American Psalmody 197). 10's. Heroic. Wilton in Harmonia Sacra and Christian Minstrel.

Psalm 124. 10's 6 lines. Israel Holdroyd.

Psalm 124. Anthem. American Harmony part 2, 27-29 (83 pdf).

Psalm 125

5 verses.

Psalm 125


Psalm 125. Ash-Ham. S.M. HTI 11938. Samuel Holyoke, The Vocal Companion. Major.

Psalm 126

Psalm 126. Conversion. C.M. Supply Belcher. SH 297.

Psalm 126. Archdale. C.M.

Psalm 126. Syria. C.M.

Psalm 126. Deliverance. C.M.

Psalm 126. Norridgwock. C.M. Edward Hartwell.

Psalm 127

5 verses.

Psalm 127. Huddersfield. C.M. Martin Madan. HTI 2974. Village Harmony, 159. Major.

Psalm 128

6 verses.

Psalm 128. Westerham. C.M. HTI 1886.,_earthly_gods_(James_Evison) Or other Psalms. Minor.

Psalm 128. Prescot, St. Andrew’s. C.M. HTI 837. Or Psalm 1. Major.

Psalm 128. Thomas Jarman. HTI 13784. Need.

Psalm 128. Alzey. C.M. Handel. HTI 5621. Major.


Psalm 129

8 verses.

Psalm 129. Still River. C.M. Abraham Wood.

Psalm 130

8 verses.

Psalm 130. North-Allerton New Tune. C.M.D. John Barrow. The Psalm-Singer's Choice Companion, or an Imitation of Heaven on Earth

Psalm 130. Aus Tieffer Not. (German.)

Psalm 130. Albion. S.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 41. Fuging. Major.

Psalm 130. Watchman. S.M.'s_and_New_Select_Hymns_(Various) 5. Major.

Psalm 130. Despair. C.M. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 131

3 verses.

Psalm 131. Minor.

Psalm 131. Submission. C.M. L. Collins. HTI 12079. Major.

Psalm 131. Atherly. C.M. Columbian Repository. HTI 9536. Minor.

Psalm 131. Walsall. C.M. HTI 1065. Minor.


Psalm 132

18 verses.

Psalm 132, part 2. Merrifield. C.M. Jacob French.

Psalm 133

3 verses.

Psalm 133. Topsfield. C.M. Kimball, 1793. Ancient Harmony Revived 195. *really good and lively.* Entire psalm with repeat in the Fuging section for the last two lines.

Psalm 133. Sharon. Elisha West, 1793. SH 212. Text by DPB.

Psalm 133. Union C.M. Missouri harmony 37b.

Psalm 133. Cambridge New. C.M. PC 2, 8. Use for a different Psalm.

Psalm 133. Amity. S.P.M. Daniel Read. SH 150.

Psalm 133. Hiram. Anthem. Major.

Psalm 133. Olympus. P.M. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 134

3 verses.

Psalm 134. Old 134th. S.M.

Psalm 135

Psalm 135. Heighington. C.M.

Psalm 135. Morning Glory. C.M.D.

Psalm 135. Anthem. C.M. Handel. Several other tunes.

Psalm 136

Psalm 136. Darwell. Text from PCI 1880.

Psalm 136. Monkland. John Milton Paraphrase.

Psalm 136. Psalm 136, Psalm 121 P.M. Deolph. HTI 4076. Or Psalm 121 "Hast thou not given thy word to save my soul from death." Major. Fuging.

Psalm 136. New Portugal. L.M. “O come all ye faithful.”,_John) 68b.

Psalm 136. Amherst.

Psalm 136. Hundred & thirty-sixth.

Psalm 136. Townhead. 7’s. Adapted from LEACH.

Psalm 136. Sunderland. L.M. Anthem.

Psalm 136. St. Asaph. C.M.D. Duet for half of it.

Psalm 136. Damascus. P.M. William Dixon. PC 2, 47. Fuging. Anthem. Major.

Psalm 136. Anthem. Israel Holdroyd. Spiritual Man’s Companion.'s%20companion&pg=PA51#v=onepage&q&f=false

Psalm 136. Acton. H.M. Major.

Fuging, two Fuging entrances.

Psalm 136. Zina. Major.

Psalm 137

Omitted in Watts

1650 Scottish: C.M. 7 stanzas.

Psalm 137. Babylonian Captivity. 10's. CH 332.

Psalm 137. Babel's Streams C.M.D. CH 6. Southern Harmony 52.

Psalm 137. Captivity L.M. by Supply Belcher

Psalm 137. Kingston. 10's. by Daniel Belknap in Evangelical Harmony.

Psalm 137. Babylon Streams. L.M. Rippon’s selection (Thomas Walker) 23.

Psalm 137. L.M.D. Zion. J. Arnold. PC 2, 37. Fuging. Minor.

Psalm 138

1650 Scottish: C.M. 8 stanzas.

Psalm 138. Quercy. L.M. William Tans'ur. HTI 1434. Village Harmony, 45. Originally Psalm 100, but most commonly set to Psalm 138. Major.

Psalm 138. Angels Hymn, Westminster. L.M. Orlando Gibbons. HTI 387. Set to several other Psalms. Originally L.M. 6 lines. Major.

Psalm 138. Wareham. L.M. HTI 1511. Originally set to Psalm 36 and also set to other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 138. Devonshire, Invitation, Kent. L.M. Johann Friedrich Lampe. HTI 1830. Village Harmony, 178b. Set to many other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 138. Westbrook. L.M. Daniel Carey. HTI 15567. Northern Harmony. Major.

Psalm 138. Oporto. L.M. HTI 6979. Major.

Psalm 138. Attwaters. L.M. Thomas Walker. HTI 12284. Rippon's. Major.

Psalm 138. Bremen. L.M. M. Snider. HTI 13807 Major.

Psalm 138. Germany. L.M. HTI 11004. Major.

Psalm 138. Hinton. L.M. HTI 10337. Originally Psalm 92, also set to Psalm 103. Major.

Psalm 138. Greensburg. L.M. Columbian Repository. HTI 9631.

Psalm 138. Eaton. L.M. or L.M. 6 lines. HTI 9147. Or Psalm 104. Major.

Psalm 138. Bunyan. L.M. Edward Miller. HTI 8185. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 138. Bloominggrove. L.M. HTI 7474. The index lists it as Psalm 89. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 138. Unity. L.M. Rufus Frost. HTI 10955. Major.


Psalm 139

24 verses.

Psalm 139. Spartanburg. C.M. William Walker.

Psalm 139. Litchfield. L.M.

Psalm 139. Immensity. L.M. Eliakim Doolittle. SH 315. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 139. Creation. C.M. William Bllings. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 139. Saybrook. L.M. William Billings. Not originally set to a particular Psalm. Minor.

Psalm 139, part 2. Litchfield. L.M. Oliver Brownson. Minor. Fuging.

Psalm 139:1-3,8-10,17,18. Anthem. Amos Bull.,_Thou_hast_searched_me_out_(Amos_Bull) Minor.

Psalm 139. Meditation. C.M. Minor.

Psalm 139. C.M.,_thou_hast_me_tried_and_known_(Joseph_Key) Major.

Psalm 139:23-24. Anthem. Lowell Mason.,_O_God_(Lowell_Mason) Minor.

Psalm 139. Amazement. C.M.,_when_I_count_thy_mercies_o%27er_(James_Shoubridge) Sacred Harp? Major.

Psalm 139, part 2. Langdon. C.M. Minor.

Psalm 140

Omitted in Watts.

13 verses

1650 Scottish: C.M. 12 stanzas.

Psalm 140. Angels Hymn. L.M. HTI 387. 6 lines and 8 lines versions and also C.M. Or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 140. Morley. C.M. HTI 158b. Minor.

Psalm 140. Gloucester. C.M. HTI 368. Major.

Psalm 140. St. David's. C.M. HTI 1092. Minor.

Psalm 140. Psalm 140. C.M. Joseph Stephenson.,_Lord,_from_crafty_foes_(Joseph_Stephenson) Minor. Plain tune.

Psalm 140. Beverly. C.M. HTI 592. Minor.

Psalm 140. Portsmouth. C.M. HTI 1460. Minor.

Psalm 140. Huntingdon. C.M. HTI 6232.

Psalm 140. Conway. C.M. Dr. Samuel Arnold. HTI 5672. Columbian Repository. Or Psalm 105. Minor.

Check Aaron Williams, Holdroyd, CPDL (only one), hymnary, etc.

Psalm 141

Psalm 141. Winchester. L.M. The Boston Collection 104.

Psalm 141. Nantwich. L.M. Madan. The Boston Collection 120.

Psalm 141. Morning Psalm. L.M.

Psalm 141. Litchfield. C.M. Stevenson. PC 2, 26. Minor.

Psalm 141. When Jesus Wept. L.M. William Billings. BoPfW. Minor. Round.

Psalm 142

1546 Scottish: C.M. 7 stanzas.

1650 Scottish: C.M. 6 stanzas.

Psalm 142. Sturbridge. C.M.D. Columbian Repository. Major.

Psalm 142. Bangor. C.M. Ravenscroft. Minor.

Psalm 142. Marlow. C.M. Major.

Psalm 142. Morning song. Wyeth's. or Psalm 107.

Psalm 142. Restoration. "I will arise and go to Jesus." Southern Harmony.

Psalm 142. Rockingham Old. L.M. Trinity Psalter Hymnal.

Psalm 142. Contemplation. C.M. BoPfW. Major.

Psalm 142. Ceylon. C.M. HTI 7236. Minor.

Psalm 142. St. Mary. C.M. Minor.

Psalm 142. Oxford. L.M. HTI 3112. Minor.

Psalm 143

Psalm 143. Pauls. L.M. Rippon’s Selection (Thomas Walker) 246b.

Psalm 143. Orlington. C.M. Project Psalms. Does it sound similar to Tilden or another tune? Major.

Psalm 143. L.M. Major.

Psalm 143. Seasons. L.M. Pleyel. Or Psalm 141. Major.

Psalm 144

1650 Scottish: C.M. 13 stanzas.

Psalm 144. Dublin/Coleshill. C.M. Kentucky Harmonist 2nd ed. 28b.,_Samuel_Lytler)

Psalm 144. Dublin/Coleshill. C.M.,_William_B.) 25. MH 6.

Psalm 144. Foster. C.M. Rippon’s Selection (Thomas Walker) 96b.

Psalm 144. West Burn. C.M. Niall MacLennan. Or other Psalms. Major.

Psalm 145

Psalm 145:3 The sacred harp, or, Eclectic harmony.

Psalm 145. Newbury. C.M. American Harmony (Shumway) 159b.

Psalm 145. Rochford. L.M. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker).

Psalm 145. Trenton. C.M.

Psalm 145. New 145. L.M. N. Dougall.,_John) 68t.

Psalm 145. Stockwith. C.M. J. Everet. PC 2,2. Fuging.

Psalm 146

10 verses.

Psalm 146. Ridge. L.M. 6 lines. CH. 489.

Psalm 146. Livona. L.M.,_William_B.) 125.

Psalm 146. Castle Street. L.M.

Psalm 146. Warebridge. L.M.

Psalm 146. 146th. P.M.

Psalm 146. Girton. C.M. PC 2, 9. Fuging. Or Psalm 142 if 146 has enough already.

Psalm 146. Psalm 146th.

Psalm 146. Martin’s Lane. L.M. 6 lines. Major.

Psalm 146. St. Helen’s. L.M. 6 lines. Or Psalm 103. Major.

Psalm 146. Resolution. L.M. 6 lines. A. Ellis. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 146. Tolland. L.M. 6 lines. Stephen Jenks. Major. Fuging, two entrances.

Psalm 147

Psalm 147. Matthews or St. Matthews. C.M.D. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 34.,_John) 110.

Psalm 147. Bristol New. C.M.

Psalm 147. Milford. SH 273.

Psalm 147. Majesty. C.M.

Psalm 147. Winter. C.M. Daniel Read. SH 38t. Major.

Psalm 148

14 verses.

Psalm 148. Africa. S.M.D. in Christian Harmony 1794, Andrew Law.

Psalm 148:7-10. Edom. C.M. SH 200.

Psalm 148. Lenox SH 40. HTI 4280. Set most often to Psalm 148. American Harmony (Cowling) Alternative: Jubilee in American Harmony (Cowling) part 2, 5b (62 pdf). Jubilee:

Psalm 148. Psalm for Thanksgiving Day. S.M. Anthem.

Psalm 148. Hundred & Forty-Eighth. L.M. Easy Instructor 50-51. (Typographical error in EI which lists it as C.M.). Text: Paraphrasistic.

Psalm 148. Old 148th. H.M.

Psalm 148. Creation. S.M.D. G.S. Doss CH 8.

Psalm 148. Newburgh. S.M.D. Amos Munson, 1798. SH 182.

Psalm 148. Psalm 148th. L.M. Handel.

Psalm 148. Extollation. L.M.

Psalm 148. Norwich. H.M.

Psalm 148. Mansfield. S.M. British Psalmody 10. Major.

Psalm 148. Trumpet H.M. Handel.

Psalm 148. Venus. S.M. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 148. Bristol. L.M.

Psalm 148. Doomsday. C.M. Major. Fuging.

Psalm 148, part 3. Watertown. S.M. Major.

Psalm 149

9 verses.

Psalm 149. St. Michael's or Hanover or Psalm 149th proper. 10's & 11's. Handel. The Boston Collection 172. American Harmony (Cowling) 14. Or Psalm 104. Major.

Psalm 149. Luzerne. Metre? Columbian Repository no. 728 pg. 460.

Psalm 149. Wurtemburg. Reminds one of “The Rock That is Higher Than I” SH 496.

Psalm 149. Portuguese Hymn.

Psalm 149. Sussex. P.M. Martin Madan.

Psalm 149. Ashburnham.

Psalm 150

Psalm 150. Amsterdam. SH 84. Charles Wesley. "Praise the Lord who reigns above and keeps His courts below;"

Psalm 150. Sydenham. C.M. Anthem. Rippon's selection (Thomas Walker) 43.

Psalm 150. Thanksgiving. L.M. Anthem.

Psalm 150. Vincent. L.M.D.

Psalm 150. Gainsborough. C.M. Fuging tune. Different from the plain tune.

Psalm 150. Waterford. P.M. Text from Wesley.

Psalm 150. Ossory. C.M.D. D. Weyman. Chorus is in L.M. but could be changed to C.M. by shortening the 2nd and 4th phrases. That would make it C.M. quadruple.

PILGRIM (Southern Harmony). C.M.D

Columbia 11's D. Missouri Harmony 93.

Harpeth L.M.D. Missouri harmony 92.

Paradise. L.M.D. Missouri Harmony 90. Oliver Holden, 1796.

Tilden. L.M.D. Missouri Harmony 89. Bartholomew Brown, 1802.

Mount Calvary. P.M. Missouri Harmony 87. arr. Ananaias Davisson, 1816.

Spring. L.M.D. Missouri Harmony 86. Smith, 1797.

Saint's Repose. L.M.D. Missouri Harmony 85. Ameriah Hall, 1790.

Solitude New. C.M.D. Missouri Harmony 84. Elisha West, 1798.

Meditation. C.M. Missouri Harmony 83. N. Little, 1801.

Friendship (Second). L.M.D. Missouri Harmony 82. Lewis Edson Jr., 1801.

Livonia. L.P.M. Missouri Harmony 81. The Albany Collection of Sacred Harmony, 1800.

St. Matthew's. C.M.D. in Massachussetts Harmony. Slightly different rhythm from how it is printed today.

Abide with me. 10's

And can it be. 8's D.

Be still my soul. 10's 6 lines.

Seymour. 7's. Carl M. Von weber


Culpinstock. The Canadian church harmonist

Easter. The Canadian church harmonist

Hotham. The Canadian church harmonist

Martyn. The Canadian church harmonist

Seville. The Canadian church harmonist

London New. C.M. in Hesperian Harp.

Star in the East. 10's,11's, in Hesperian Harp and Christian Harmony. Interesting sound!

10's 6. Four tunes in Hesperian Harp.

Several 10's 6 tunes on that page. Some to Psalm 50.

The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, of the Old and New-Testament: Faithfully Translated into English Meeter. Boston: Printed by B. Green, for Benjamin Eliot, and Nicholas Boone, 1705.

Need a spreadsheet with the type of tune, text meter, music meter, and style era. Need a balance of tunes of all types, meters, and times so that the book has variety.

Need common tunes from the 1635 Scottish Psalter.

Wyeth's Repository

The Musical Olio

The Middlesex Collection of Church Music: or, ancient psalmody revived: containing a variety of psalm tunes, the most suitable to be used in divine service

The Columbian Repository

American Psalmody

The Christian's Harp

Song of Zion, Ananias Davidson


David's Companion

Federal Harmony

Christian Harp

Musical Monitor. Has the Psalm or Hymn identified for each tune.

Foundry Collection

Daniel Belknap - "Harmonist's Companion," 1797; 'Evangelical Harmony," 1800; and "Middlesex Harmony," 1802

Rippon's selections,_John)

Find King James metrical psalms. He also did the Song of Moses.

Has the 1546 tunes in four parts.

Several Anthems.

Complete psalter.

The American Harmony.

Lots of tunes matched with psalms.

Abraham Wood, Columbian Harmony, 1793.

Compleat Psalmodist. John Arnold. Lots of tunes and anthems.

Plain tunes:'s_Jewel_(Tans'ur%2C_William)

Psalm 40:1,3a,4a,5a,5c,10a,11,16. Anthem. Continental Harmony 1857 (Oliver Ditson) Sacred Harp? Unusable probably.

Universalists’ Hymnbook, Hosea Ballou and Edward Turner.

Vocal Companion, Samuel Holyoke.

Selah: a collection of psalm and hymn tunes, introits, anthems, chants, motetts, choruses, etc.

Key-stone collection

Songs of Asaph. Lowell Mason.

Musica Sacra

Book of Hymns and Tunes, comprising the psalms and hymns for the worship of God, approved by the general assembly of 1866, arranged with appropriate tunes... by authority of the assembly of 1873

Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

The Whole Book of Psalmes, Thomas Estes?

HTI Attribution search:

“Bull” (Amos Bull)

Ps. 46, 122, 21, 23, 29, 40, 45,

Tune Name search: "Ps. 1"

Law's Select Harmony, 1779.

Check facsimile.

The Harmony of Maine (Supply Belcher)

Harmonia Americana. Samuel Holyoke.

Several L.M.D. tunes in Harmonia Sacra (Funk) 263ff.

Church Music

Keystone collection of church music

The Christian Harmonist: containing a set of tunes adapted to all the metres in Mr. Rippon's Selection of Hymns, in the collection of hymns by Mr. Joshua Smith, and in Dr. Watt's Psalms and Hymns, by Samuel Holyoke.

Vestry Singing Book

Musica Sacra

The Continental Harmony (William Billings)

The Village Harmony

New Village Harmony

The Vocal Companion. Samuel Holyoke.

Music by Samuel Holyoke

Harmonia Americana

Evangelical Musick

Delights of Harmony; or, Norfolk Compiler. Stephen Jenks.

Tunes by Thomas Tallis in Matthew Parker's Psalter.

Ravenscroft tunes. Some in CH.

Crowley, Crowl?

Lots of the Scottish Psalter tunes:,_John)


Union Harp (precursor to J.S. James’ Sacred Harp.)

Index with scripture citations.

Union Harmony, 1829

The Choir

Virginia Harmony 1831

U.S. Sacred Harmony. 1799.

Need to index Aaron Williams tunebooks and his tunes with Psalms.,_Aaron),_Aaron),_Aaron)

Modify 1650 app? Or use musescore viewer. Or PDFs.

Completely indexed for tunes matched with Psalms:

The Columbian sacred harmonist: or, collection of grammatical music

The Chorister’s Companion. 1788.

Psalm translation with notes:

Psalm 151:

450 versions of Psalms. Also has some versions by Watts which have been altered which may be useful. Hymns for tune index in book.

Psalm tunes and anthems. The most common ones.

Remember to check errata of texts and tunes.